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How About a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Remake?

Many of my childhood games are either still alive and kicking, or enjoying a remaster of some sort. How about a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Remake?


Ten of the Best Games in Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is outstanding value for money, offering heaps of games for a small monthly sub. Though, what's the best games currently included?


Five TV Shows That Would Make Great Video Games and Vice Versa

The movie-to-game and game-to-movie curse is somewhat of a running joke. So, with that in mind, here's our ideal game-to-show and show-to-game list.


We’re Starting a Podcast

Yes, you read that correctly. We're starting up a Podcast. These will be a few weeks coming, yet, but when they arrive, expect plenty of fun.

What Next for PUBG?

Millions of people still play PUBG, and with time perhaps the progenitor of the Battle Royale craze will receive enough polish to make it competitive.


HITMAN 2 Aims to Meet the Potential that HITMAN Narrowly Missed

IOI's HITMAN 2, the follow up to the hugely successful HITMAN 2016, is set to arrive soon. Going from the intel, it appears to take the franchise to new heights.


What We Want When Fishing is Finally Added to Sea of Thieves

When fishing is finally added to Sea of Thieves, which could be coming very soon, here's what we want to see from it.


Five Games That We Want to See Remastered

There's been more remastered games this gen that I cant even be bothered to begin counting, but for the sake of it, here's five games we want to see come back.


The Pokémon-Like MMO ‘Temtem’ Has Massive Potential

Pokémon stands in a league of its own. Now, why the hell is an Xbox-specific website hammering on about Pokémon? I'll answer with one word my friends, Temtem.

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