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Monster Hunter World

Ten Games to Clear from your 2018 Backlog

There's a heap of new and exciting games coming this year, hell, this month alone. That said, we look back at the top games you should clear from 2018.


Xt Podcast – Now Live

Late last year, we announced that we were readying up for our podcasts. It took a little while longer than expected, but these are finally up and running!

Here’s Why You Need Sea of Thieves in 2019

Sea of Thieves needs no introduction. It's a game that's constantly in the spotlight due to Rare's commitment to support it. This game, you need in 2019.

Genesis Alpha One is the One Roguelike you Need

Genesis Alpha One is now finally upon us, and it's certainly a roguelike that you need to consider adding to your gaming essentials.

Xt Interview With Genesis Alpha One’s Radiation Blue

Genesis Alpha One is all but a few days away, and with such an interesting concept running through the experience, we wanted to find out more.

Ten of the Hottest Games Coming in 2019

Out with the old, and in with the new, as the saying goes. It's a brand new year, and with it, comes a heap of new and exciting games. Here's our top ten.

Prepare for Resident Evil 2’s Remake

With Resident Evil 2's massively anticipated remake on the horizon, we thought now would be a good time to get you all prepared. Dive on in.

Capcom is Killing it This Gen, But Where is Dino Crisis At?

There's no denying that Capcom are on to a winning business plan, releasing brand new gems and reviving old ones. But, what about Dino Crisis?

Destiny 2 Warmind

Will We See Destiny 3 Soon?

With Destiny 2 now sitting at a comfortable place, despite player drop off, we look to whether we can expect to see a third installment any time soon.

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