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GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon Review

Now cloud gaming is ever more present on mobile, there are more peripherals to help us play. GameSir's latest is reviewed within!

7.5 Good

Turtle Beach Recon Controller Review

Turtle Beach has entered to controller space with a frankly excellent product!

9.7 Excellent

Power A FUSION Pro 2 Controller Review

Has Power A built a fair price rival to the Xbox Elite controller or does the fact its wired hold it back?

8 Great

EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone Review

Those looking to get into the world of streaming need a good, solid mic to start off well. EPOS have got you covered here.

9.5 Excellent

Gioteck TX70 Wired/Wireless Headset Review

Need a good quality wired headset with a discrete microphone for your Xbox. Gioteck have just the thing.

8.4 Great

Gioteck Xbox Accessories – AC2 Ammo Clip Charging Dock Review

Sick of running out of batteries on your controllers. Gioteck have a solution to provide you with all the battery ammo you need.

8.5 Great

Venom Xbox Accessories – Charging Dock Review

Need a new way to keep your controller in the game? Venom just might have the answer.

8.8 Great

Venom Xbox Accessories – Elite Series 2 Replacement Part Set Review

Those little extras for the Elite pads are easy to lose if you're not careful; Venom have gotcha covered though, with some snazzy looking replacements.

9.3 Excellent

Venom Xbox Accessories – USB Hub Review

We can always use extra ports on our consoles, but is this Venom option up to the job?

8.5 Great
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