Product Reviews

ASUS Rog Ally Impressions

Handheld Xbox gaming on the go is more and more alluring - can the ROG Ally really fill that desire?

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Review

Stunning comfort and sound make these well worth the investment

10 Incredible

EBL USB Battery Charger Review

Need more juice for your controllers? Check these high performing batteries out

9 Excellent

Nacon EVOL-X Review

Nacon are back with a new, shiny controller for our console of choice!

9 Excellent

Fifine AmpliGame H9 Headphones Review

Wired headphones that offer multiple format functionality

8 Great

RIG 900 Max HX Review

Hands down the best pair of headphone we've used on Xbox yet

10 Incredible

RIG 600 Pro HX Review

Excellent multi-purpose headphones that will fit almost every gamers needs

9.8 Excellent

PowerA Advantage Wired Controller with Lumectra Review

More Advantage goodness, now with pretty colours!

9.2 Excellent
MAMPO Xbox Rechargeable Batteries

MAMPO Xbox Series X|S Rechargeable Batteries Review

MAMPO Xbox Rechargeable Batteries for the Xbox Series X|S have proven to be worth the money in terms of longevity and playtime. 

9.5 Excellent

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