IKAI Preview

With continued attention to detail this Japanese folklore horror could yet become a sleeper hit of 2022

Splitgate Impressions

When your tag line "Halo x Portal", you're setting some mighty high expectations. Luckily, 1047 seemed to have backed up their claims so far!

Rustler Preview

Can this classic GTA-like medieval title prove to be a rollicking good time?

Super Animal Royale Preview

Super Animal Royale takes a cute and adorable spin on the battle royale genre 

KeyWe Preview

We got the chance to check out this fun, quirky co-op puzzler, and came away excited for more later this year!

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Preview

The old school shooter is getting quite the resurgence lately - and this Quake-engine based title is shaping up nicely already!

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Impressions

Coming bundled with the upcoming Resident Evil Village, does this PvP take on the RE formula work well?

Olija Preview

Our man Jake previews this interesting looking action title ahead of it's launch in a couple of weeks. How is it shaping up so far?

Back 4 Blood Alpha Impressions

The team behind Left 4 Dead are back with what can only be described as that title in all but name. And it's bloody awesome.

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