Hyperdot Review

Hyperdot tasks player with one goal; dodge everything. Can Tribe Games stretch this motif into a full experience though?

7.6 Good

Regions of Ruin Review

A 2D, RPG town building open world? Regions of Ruins certainly has bitten of a lot, but can it make it into a satisfying whole?

8 Great

Music Racer Review

With a unique looking take on the rhythm genre, Music Racer certainly stands out. Can it's gameplay keep you coming back for more though?

4.3 Poor

Dragonball Z: Kakarot Review

It's time for Goku and friends to once again fends off evil forces trying to destroy the universe. But can this RPG spin the the Z saga capture what made the anime so revered?

8.3 Great

Lake Ridden Review

This first person puzzler comes to console - will it sink or swim on Xbox?

6.8 Okay

Without Escape Review

Can this tribute to 90's first person graphic adventures capture a modern day audience?

4.9 Poor

Paperbound Brawlers Review

A platform brawler with a twist; will Paperbound Brawlers find a sopt in your local multiplayer sessions?

7.3 Good

AO Tennis 2 Review

AO Tennis is back, helping to kick off this years Open. But is it a worthy companion piece?

6.8 Okay

Odallus: The Dark Call Review

A homage to classic 8-bit adventures, does Odallus compare favourably to the nostalgia tinged memories of old?

8 Great

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