Fallout 76 Review

Fallout needs no introduction. It's a series that's been going strong for years now. Though, how well does the newly released Fallout 76 stand?

5.6 Average

I am the Hero Review

I am the Hero taps into both the classic beat 'em up concept and the traditional 2D fighter formula. Does the end result pay off in the long run?

6.8 Okay

World of One Review

There's no shortage of 2D puzzle games to select from, but does World of One have what it takes to convince you that it's worth a trip?

4.8 Poor

GRIP: Combat Racing Review

Combat racing games can be a tricky beast to tame. Does the newly released GRIP: Combat Racing sit well alongside its peers?

7.5 Good

11-11: Memories Retold Review

When it comes to games that focus the source material on something as sensitive as The Great War, it needs to be done right. Does Memories Retold do that?

8.9 Great

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Review

When it comes to point-and-click hidden object games, Artifex Mundi are out in the lead. Does their Noir Chronicles prove to be their best yet?

6.4 Okay

MechaNika Review

Following on from the widely loved Agatha Knife, Mango Protocol are back with another dark adventure in the form of MechaNika. How does it play out?

8 Great

Agents vs. Villain Review

There can never be too many party games. But does the newly released Agents vs. Villain prove to be worthy of your time?

7.1 Good

Shadow of Loot Box Review

Shadow of Loot Box is a game that aims to make fun of the state of the gaming industry in its current form. Does it make for a decent experience?

2.8 Awful

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