GORSD Review

With a unique premise, can GORSD bring with it decent enough exceution?

7 Good

Marvels Avengers Review

In a time of unrest, can you step up and become a hero?

8.9 Great

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Review

Can this Korean horror sequel ratchet up the tension and deliver a memorable experience?

7 Good

Tamiku Review

Will this latest effort from Ratalaika capture more than achievement hunters interest?

3 Lousy

WRC9 Review

WRC is back; with an established pedigree 9 has some big shoes to fill. Can it continue the series legacy?

8.4 Great

Golf Zero Review

Can this spin on golfing prove to be as fun time?

5.3 Average

Bounty Battle Review

Bringing together a broad range of indie characters to a fighting game should offer up some fan-serving fun; have Dark Screen Games pulled it off though?

4.5 Poor

Johnny Rocket Review

The minimalist art style is eye catching, but will there be more depth to the gameplay?

2.6 Awful

Party Hard 2 Review

Will Party Hard 2 have you waking up regretting the night before, or straight back on the party wagon?

7.8 Good

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