Chorus Review

An action RPG space-combat game that pushes most of the right buttons. The flight and the combat in Chorus feel great and are tons of fun; however, the story hinders the experience at times.

8.6 Great

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition Review

Corey gets to journey into the Oddworld once again. Do things stay strangely familiar or is this a new experience?

8.3 Great

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review

Sherlock Holmes is as Holmes-y as he's always been yet in an origin story like no other. This is the true work of budding genius.

8.6 Great

Drizzlepath: Déjà vu Review

A walking sim that fails to carve a worthwhile path - or much or anything at all.

2.3 Awful

Backbone Review

Another wonderful addition to the Game Pass service, and a title that is worth checking out even if you're not subscribed!

9.6 Excellent

The Prince of Landis Review

An adventure game about a boy living in 1980s small-town America. His life is pretty rough, but after meeting an unlikely new friend perhaps things will change.  Featuring a detailed art style and "pe...

5.8 Average

Battlefield 2042 Review

DICE are back with another attempt at a futuristic-style shooter, but can this one do enough to stand out in a crowded market?

8 Great

A Short Hike Review

Corey takes on a journey in A Short Hike and ... it's really good! Check this review to see if A Short Hike is for you!

9 Excellent

Lucid Cycle Review

A surreal dream-like adventure that doesn't quite hit the mark.

3.1 Lousy

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