Promesa Impressions

Born from conversations between family members, Promesa is clearly a personal story, though it might not translate to the rest of us effectively enough.

Griftlands Review

Klei Entertainment’s early access deck-builder has gone full release! Griftlands is a deep and challenging game in all aspects.

8.5 Great

Song of Horror Review

Will this new horror title be music to our ears, or just a load of old racket?

8.3 Great

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review

Are you up to the challenge of Ninja Gaiden or will you just hide in the shadows?

7.6 Good

Astro Aquakitty Review

A game more akin to the days of R-Type on the super Nintendo Astro Aquakitty is an indie gem that just begs to be played for hours and hours.

7.1 Good

Discolored Review

A world drained of colour needs your help to bring the light back in this short but inventive puzzle title.

8.5 Great

Sun Wukong VS Robot – Review

Corey takes a bite out of this mini retro metroidvania. Come hear what he has to say!

6.5 Okay

Mighty Goose Review

An enjoyable run and gunner that takes an old recipe and adds some interesting ingredients that spice things up after a few bites while also making the whole thing more palatable for a wider audience,...

7.6 Good

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 Review

Will this game snipe its way into your playing library?

8.5 Great

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