Adventures of Chris Review

90's influenced platforming that will please older gamers - while also challenging them.

8 Great

South of the Circle Review

A narrative adventure of choice and love that got its hooks in us.

8.5 Great

Hell Pie Gameplay Review

Not for the kids or those who take their games too seriously. Does this 3D platformer have what it takes to stand up to a quality game? Corey dives into Hell Pie to let you know. 

8.5 Great

We Were Here Forever Review (PC)

We Were Here is back with the best entry yet!

9 Excellent

MADiSON Review

There has been few titles to truly give me a scare, but MADiSON is one that has delivered in every aspect and is without a doubt one of the best titles of 2022.

9.5 Excellent

Severed Steel Review

Severed Steel offers parkour and bullets in style, does it deliver? AJ straps on an arm cannon to find out.

9.2 Excellent

Oxide Room 104 Review

With impressive gameplay ideas, a creepy setting and some horrific enemies, this is a game that stands out amongst the countless horror titles available on Xbox.

8.3 Great

MX vs. ATV Legends Review

There was plenty of potential but sadly MX vs ATV arrives on next gen in similar fashion to an ill timed scrub and the end result is equally disastrous.

6.8 Okay

Bright Memory Infinite Review

An explosive FPS that doesn't quite live up to the hype.

8 Great

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