Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers Review

Dungeon Rushers has arrived on Xbox One following release on other platforms a few years back. Has time and a new control layout proved fruitful?

6.8 Okay
oOo Ascension

oOo Ascension Review

Those that favor a good old arcade score chaser will no doubt have their eyes fixed on the upcoming oOo Ascension. But does it tick the boxes it needed to?

7.5 Good

The Council – Episode 2 Review

The Council's second episode has now landed, but does it improve on the faults of the first episode and build upon what worked?

6.8 Okay
State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Review

State of Decay 2 is now finally upon us. Following on from the hugely successful predecessor, has the wait for the sequel been worth it?

8.7 Great
Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend Review

Dungeon crawler games rarely come together to produce something that can truly stand the tests of time, but does the recently released Wizard of Legend step up to the challenge?

9 Excellent
Forgotten Anne

Forgotton Anne Review

Donning a theme that's not too unlike Laputa: Castle in the Sky, can Forgotton Anne stand out as a well rounded, innovative experience?

8.3 Great
Laser League

Laser League Review

The competitive multiplayer sports scene is picking up now more than ever, but does the newly released Laser League have what it takes to stand out?

8.7 Great

Subaeria Review

Subaeria is said to offer up a well developed puzzle action game that comes with some solid elements and decent mechanics. How much of that is true?

4.1 Poor
Grim Legends 3

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Review

Artifex Mundi is no stranger to releasing puzzle games on Xbox One. How does their conclusion to the Grim Legends trilogy turn out?

7.3 Good

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