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4 Dreamcast Games We’d Love To See Come To Xbox

The Dreamcast turns 20 in Europe this month. What could be a better occasion to look at some of the remaining gems that we've yet to see come to other formats.

Resident Evil 2’s Remake Shows a Lot of Promise for the Future

The recently released, critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 paves the way to a much brighter future for the long running series.

Kaloudz Has Left The Party

As some of you may be aware, Xbox Tavern founder Mark recently took the decision to step away from the site, and enjoy life outside of running it. While the door will always be open to him to come bac...

What Makes Sniper Elite So Fun?

With Sniper Elite V2 Remastered fresh off the shelves, and word of new projects in the pipeline, many ask, what makes the series so fun?


Five TV Shows That Would Make Great Video Games and Vice Versa

The movie-to-game and game-to-movie curse is somewhat of a running joke. So, with that in mind, here's our ideal game-to-show and show-to-game list.

Sea of Thieves Wont Stop Getting Bigger and Better

Sea of Thieves needs no introduction. It's arguably the best exclusive available on Xbox One, but, it's been quite a journey from launch.


Re:Legend – The Co-op Monster-Raising RPG Looks Very Promising

Re:Legend looks like one of the most interesting games releasing this year. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of a co-op monster-raising RPG?

Best Co-op Games to Play on Xbox One

Sometimes, the best way to play a game is alongside your nearest and dearest. Here's some of the best co-op games available on Xbox One.


The Pokémon-Like MMO ‘Temtem’ Has Massive Potential

Pokémon stands in a league of its own. Now, why the hell is an Xbox-specific website hammering on about Pokémon? I'll answer with one word my friends, Temtem.

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