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Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 Recap

E3 is back, and so are Xbox! We recap what could possibly be the best showing Microsoft have ever had.

Cloud Gaming on iOS – At Last

Cloud Gaming has finally come to us iOS users!

The Outer Worlds: Murder On Eridanos Impressions

Our man Kain gives his thoughts on the recent DLC expansion for The Outer Worlds.

Sponsored: Fancy getting cheaper Insert Coin Gear? Check out our exclusive offer!

We're big fans of Insert Coin's range here at the Tavern, and you can now find out why for a bit cheaper!

Xbox Tavern Interviews: Action Arcade Wrestling’s Dave Horn

Throwing back to the arcade style fun of the early wrestling games, AAW looks to be a lot of fun! Check out our interview with the games executive producer here!

Sea of Thieves Season One Impressions

After being out for a few years, the ever popular Sea of Thieves finally gets its first season!

Xbox Live Gold Doubles In Price – Then Reverts and Improves

After a mad 24 hours, Xbox made two huge changes to its service - eventually for the better.

Resident Evil Showcase Round-up

Our thoughts on the recent Showcase and what we're looking forward to with all things Resident Evil this year!

Xbox Tavern’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021

There's plenty to be hopeful for in this new year, but we wanted to shout out some of those titles we were especially looking forward too!

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