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Ladies and gents, our Podcasts are now live. If you plan on staying tuned to all of these, be sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll be evolving it with each and every new Podcast that’s released; as well as providing more links and sites in which you can swiftly access them. The frequency of these Podcasts will be weekly, biweekly, or a mixture of both. That being said, feel free to check them out below. Thanks for bearing with us.

#XpodTavern Podcast One (3/2/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Two (17/2/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Three – Part A / Part B (14/3/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Four (01/04/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Five (29/04/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Six (22/05/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Seven (24/06/2019)

#XpodTavern Podcast Eight (04/09/2019)

Note: You can find us directly on Spreaker right here, and on iTunes right here. We will indeed be available Stitcher too, however, we’re just in the process of being certified with them, though as aforementioned, we will update this page as we grow out and adapt. We’ll be donning the hashtag #XpodTavern so that you can easily find us in the midst of social media, and the proverbial man in charge of all of this is our very own Jamie Baldock. Feel free to hit him up with any requests, concerns or feedback.

Jamie will be responsible for the handling of discussion points, quality assurance, censoring and so forth. He’ll be open to suggestions and will indeed be the correct chap to hit up should you run into any issues. During these podcasts, we’ll be discussing anything and everything Xbox related; be it news, fresh announcements, big upcoming games, indie corners, relevant gaming topics, chats with devs, and fun banter.

We aim to appeal to as many of you as possible, but we’ll warn you, not all of these podcasts will be rated “E for Everyone” so to speak. There’ll no doubt be the occasional curse and we envision discussing a few games that are mature by theme, which may indeed mean getting our hands dirty with the details. That being said, be sure to stay tuned and we’ll see you on the flip-side.


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