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First and foremost, it’s important to note that any review from any outlet is based completely upon opinion. We believe that reviews are not just important for the respective title, but for the consumer too. With that being said please use our scores as a guideline only, and do not allow us to sway you from choice of investment, either way.

We also appreciate that not everyone will agree with all of our reviews but that’s absolutely fine, after all, who likes a critic that doesn’t like to be criticised? However that doesn’t mean that our reviews are wrong, just that the opinion of the reviewer doesn’t align with the views of each and every individual.

When we review a game we inspect a wide collection of aspects, such as gameplay, audio, presentation, quality, and more. Any faults or issues we have during our experience will be noted. We reiterate that our scores and perceptions should not be taken out of context. Here’s our scoring guideline, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

10 – Incredible

There’s no such thing as a perfect game, and we certainly do not hand this score out often. If we rate a game a 10, it’s because we believe that it’s an absolute must have.

9 – Excellent

Games rated 9 are titles that we feel you should most definitely keep your eye on. Although not quite near perfect, it’s more than good enough to warrant an investment.

8 – Great

We tend to award this score to games that are great to play, but often come with a small band of issues that pull it just short of brilliance.

7 – Good

Widely considered as a base average score, although not, we give games this rating if they’re interesting enough to captivate and hold your attention long enough to justify an investment. Games rated 7 tend to be enjoyable, but come with some underlying flaws.

6 – Okay

This isn’t something we believe you should get overly excited about. It may have a few qualities that appeal to some, but not enough that we feel will appeal to the majority.

5 – Average

This is the field between good and bad, the middle ground if you like, or your aforementioned base average. If we score a five, you would do well to further research the game and ask yourself what exactly appeals to you about it.

4 – Poor

This is where you should carefully weigh up the pros and cons. If we score a 4, it’s typically due to the fact that the respective game comes with several issues and faults.

3 – Lousy

Think of the movie-to-game curse, and you’ll have a good idea as to what we dish out a 3 score to. Games of this standing tend to be those that you pick up once and don’t pick up again.

2 – Awful

Games that score a 2 are games that you certainly want to avoid buying. Cheap, broken, tacky, and frustratingly dull, for lack of a better description.

1 – Terrible

There’s nothing about this game that you’re likely to enjoy. Much like a 10, we will rarely hand out this score but when we do, you can guarantee it’s a miserable and lazy cash cow that you’ll be kicking yourself for picking up.

Last Edited: April 20th

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Howdy folks! Now, as of July 23rd, 2019, I no longer operate here at Xbox Tavern. It was one hell of a ride; creating this, building this, and operating it for several years, but, we all hit a proverbial point that encourages us to move on, and that's what I've done; handing the reigns to the very capable Jamie. Want to keep in touch? My Gamertag is Kaloudz Peace! Love to you all, Mark!

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