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Project Game Pass – July 2024: Human Fall Flat

PGG for 2024 continues with one of the most popular multiplayer games on the service!

Top 10 Games on Game Pass for People who hate Dark Souls

I mean, if anyone wants to accuse Xbox Tavern of Click Bait, I think this is the post that is going to do it

Project Game Pass – June 2024: XDefiant

Project Game Pass is taking a slight detour as we explore the Free To Play Ubisoft shooter

Xbox Tavern’s Ones to Watch: June 2024

Our pick of the most interesting looking titles for the month!

Just What Are Xbox Playing At?

Business is business-ing again. and Xbox deals a massive self blow.

ASUS Rog Ally Impressions

Handheld Xbox gaming on the go is more and more alluring - can the ROG Ally really fill that desire?

Game Music Festival Impressions

The Game Music Festival returns, and shows how far the art has come

Project Game Pass May 2024 – Golf With Your Friends

We've been waiting for this one - it's finally time to Golf - with friends!

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