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Monster Hunter World

Don’t be Afraid of the Franchise – Monster Hunter World Deserves Your Attention

While undoubtedly still obtuse, Monster Hunter World is also one of the most refreshing gaming experiences of this console generation.

Top Free to Play Games on Xbox One

Free is great, isn't it? There's no shortage of free games on the Xbox One. With that in mind, which ones, from the many, are worth your time?

Console Exclusive Betas Need to Stop

I'm all for exclusivity, but damn, these console exclusive betas really need to stop. I mean, who do they really help in the long run?

Could a New Resident Evil Outbreak Break the Resident Evil Co-op Curse?

Resident Evil and co-op play just don't seem to go together as well as one would expect. Though, could a new Outbreak remedy that curse?

New Xbox Avatars – A Community Simulation Game Would Go Down a Treat

With new Xbox Avatars soon to be released, hopefully, that is, we think a community simulation game to support them would go down well with the crowd.


Siege Takes a Heavy Hand on Racism and Rightly So

Rainbow Six Siege, and by result, Ubisoft, have taken a heavy hand to racism in the aforementioned game, and rightly freakin' so.

Star Wars BF 2

Has the Loot Box Controversy Finally Come to an End?

If there's one topic that will forever burden this gen of gaming, it's freakin Loot Boxes. Though, has the controversy truly died down and come to an end?

Sea of Thieves’ The Sunken Curse Event is a Step in the Right Direction

The latest timed sensitive event is now live in Sea of Thieves and after plugging in several hours of play, I can safely say that it's a solid experience.

Far Cry 5

Top Ten Games to Clear from your Backlog

Behind every great gamer, typically rests a pretty great backlog of titles that have either never been played or never been finished.

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