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You’re 80 years old. You’ve lived in the same house all your life and someone decides it’s a great idea to build a huge freeway outside your home. Who wouldn’t be as grumpy as our protagonists…? Well, maybe we wouldn’t go to the extremes this duo gets up to.

In CrossKrush you play as Henry or Florence, an elderly duo who seem to be stuck with a Freeway just outside their house. This grumpy duo decides the best course of action to combat this nuisance is to either beat the vehicles to a pulp with their walking sticks or straight up blow them up, which I personally find highly amusing. There isn’t a story in any conventional way but you do play through stages 1-10 each getting progressively harder.

It is a puzzle style game with each vehicle queuing up in a grid formation. The vehicles will slowly move towards the bottom of the screen much akin to the old Space Invader games I used to play a lot of as a child. Your goal is to destroy them all to get a high score; if you destroy them all in the amount of moves suggested in the top right corner of the screen you will gain the best possible points. The music is fun and catchy but is very samey after a while with nothing hugely inspiring, while the graphics are cute and vibrant, also being 3D.

There are specific hurdles and mechanics that can either hinder your score or allow you to beat the stage more efficiently, and gain the perfect score – which is the goal, isn’t it?

There are ambulances that you cannot destroy otherwise you lose points. Cars with TNT on top of them that will destroy all vehicles in a 3×3 grid surrounding the TNT vehicle. Vehicles with a white paint job, if destroyed, place another 3×3 grid which you can trigger to explode the vehicles that subsequently enter that grid.

On the harder difficulties you will start to see that the vehicles you destroy create pot holes affecting one tile on the grid, and yep you guessed it, you can no longer use this tile. Luckily though, roller vehicles will flatten any broken tiles in their path, repairing the road.

There are only two powerups. The first makes you a giant that allows you to smash the vehicles with your walking cane in 1 hit (unlike the 5 points of damage you would do normally with the vehicles having 100 hit points). This is a really handy powerup. The other powerup is a laser beam, that destroys all vehicles in a line along the entire grid, which you fire ahead of you.

There are 5 difficulties to choose from, each with their own little twist, varying from a 1 hit death to the vehicles moving faster. My personal favourite being Last Will: With only 1 hit you die, vehicles will move faster and ground cells stay broken (I’m an absolute masochist).

Unfortunately there is hardly any incentive to get high scores with no leaderboards implemented and no unlocks for beating the higher difficulties. There is a local multiplayer so you can play with a friend and there is tons of fun to be had.


CrossKrush is a fun puzzle game which gets your brain working and is good to play for a couple of hours, with or without a friend. It has cute graphics and catchy music. With it being a quick completion I can imagine a lot of trophy/achievement hunters will love this game. Though, with no incentive for extensive play this game would benefit greatly with some much needed additions and online play. I had great fun with this game with a full completion and really hope you do too.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox One console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Vibrant graphics
  • A new take on the puzzle genre
  • Very cheap
  • Very short
  • No incentive for extensive play
  • No online play or leaderboards
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 5
Audio - 4.5
Longevity - 4
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