Bucket Knight Review

Can this retro styled run and gun platformer captivate modern gamers?

6.5 Okay

Vasilis Review

With such a unique looking visual style, Vasilis certainly stands out. Can it hold the interest beyond the initial intrigue though?

4.6 Poor

One Finger Death Punch 2 Review

A hectic, two button brawler; can OFDP2 overcome it's simplicity to provide with enough entertainment to last?

5.8 Average

Underhero Review

An RPG-Platformer with rhythm elements, can Underhero mesh the styles together successfully?

8.8 Great

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Review

Available as a standalone pack or a DLC upgrade, will this Ultimate edition have you getting back in to the fight?

7.3 Good

Draugen Review

Can this 'Fjord Noir' mystery title grab and hold the attention? (spoiler - yes, it can)

9 Excellent

Reed Remastered Review

Another retro styled platformer from Ratalaika; will there be more to it than a few easy achievements?

6.5 Okay

Darksiders: Genesis Review

Can a change of perspective revitalise the Darksiders name?

8.4 Great

Zero Zero Zero Zero Review

Seemingly outdoing other retro styled games by aiming for a 1-bit experience, has 0000 gone too far back?

7.8 Good

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