Gravity Duck Review

Ratalaika Games bring us another retro-styled puzzler - how does this stack up to the competition?

2.8 Awful

Aritana and the Twin Masks Review

This adventure game comes in with some big ambition: does it pull it off?

4.1 Poor

Bear With Me: Complete Edition Review

Exordium Games Noir point'n'click adventure comes to Xbox. How does the console port hold up?

7.8 Good

Solo: Islands of the Heart

Solo has an almost whimsical look. But, is there more going on behind the scenes than you may expect?

5.5 Average

Mighty Switch Force Collection Review

All the Mighty Switch Force games come to console in this complete collection. Have they stood the test of time?

7.5 Good

Hoggy 2 Review

Hoggy 2 comes to console, but can it's initial vibrant charm be maintained?

5.9 Average

The Tower of Beatrice Review

Hidden object games are ten a penny these days, but The Tower of Beatrice aims to shake things up a little by mashing up some concepts. Does it work well?

6 Okay

Etherborn Review

Etherborn sports a unique puzzle-esque experience that sets itself apart from its peers due to a distinct mechanic, but does that alone provide much fun?

6.6 Okay

Mochi Mochi Boy Review

Mochi Mochi Boy serves itself as a simplistic adventure that doesn't take itself all too seriously, but does it prove to be worth your time and attention?

5.5 Average

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