Hidden Through Time Review

Can this hidden object game offer up enough interactivity to hold up on console?

8.6 Great

Vasilis Review

With such a unique looking visual style, Vasilis certainly stands out. Can it hold the interest beyond the initial intrigue though?

4.6 Poor

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions Review

A releaxing, yet challenging, puzzler comes to Xbox. Can it hold the attention for long enough to solve the puzzles?

6.3 Okay

Milo’s Quest Review

Does this retro styled adventure have enough to sink your teeth into, or will it just be another 1000G on your tally?

4.5 Poor

Hyperdot Review

Hyperdot tasks player with one goal; dodge everything. Can Tribe Games stretch this motif into a full experience though?

7.6 Good

Lake Ridden Review

This first person puzzler comes to console - will it sink or swim on Xbox?

6.8 Okay

Without Escape Review

Can this tribute to 90's first person graphic adventures capture a modern day audience?

4.9 Poor

Afterparty Review

After their stellar success with Oxenfree, Night School are celebrating with a well earned drink - or two. Will Afterparty keep you going all night, or making excuses to head home?

8.8 Great

Kine Review

The debut game from lone developer Gwen Frey, can Kine keep up the tempo or does it miss the beat?

7.3 Good

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