Bunny Factory Review

Corey hops around a factory while solving puzzles to bring it back to life. Is this puzzle game worth your time? 

5.5 Average

Discolored Review

A world drained of colour needs your help to bring the light back in this short but inventive puzzle title.

8.5 Great

KeyWe Preview

We got the chance to check out this fun, quirky co-op puzzler, and came away excited for more later this year!

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale Review

Can this relaxing puzzler offer enough to keep us coming back?

8 Great

Trenga Unlimited Review

Is there much depth to this puzzler?

3.5 Lousy

0 Degrees Review

Is this puzzle platformer cool as ice?

5.3 Average

Retro Machina Review

Play as a friendly robot trying to find its purpose, across three vast environments that combine exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat to great effect.

8.3 Great

Protocol Review

Can this blend of genres and styles make a worthy whole?

6 Okay

Bad Dream: Coma Review

Will this intensely creepy point and click title transfer well in coming to console?

7.9 Good

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