Tin Hearts Review

An utterly charming puzzle adventure

8.9 Great

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Review

Another Xbox/Game Pass exclusive that misses the mark

5 Average

The Last Worker Review

A highly entertaining and thought provoking adventure.

9.2 Excellent

Murderous Muses Review

A live action murder mystery with endless replayability - and plenty of challenge.

7.5 Good

Backbeat Review

Corey takes a step forward and then a step back as he tries to understand the backbeat of the new music focused puzzle game, Backbeat!

7 Good

Papetura Review

A labour of love to old school adventures and paper craft in one.

7.8 Good

Seven Doors Review

Puzzling action comes to Xbox in Seven Doors.

7.8 Good

We Were Here Forever Review (Xbox)

The excellent co-op puzzler finally lands on console - and you should absolutely grab a friend and check it out!

9 Excellent

reky Review

It might look simple but reky hides a surprising amount of challenge.

7 Good

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