Ratalaika Games

The Prince of Landis Review

An adventure game about a boy living in 1980s small-town America. His life is pretty rough, but after meeting an unlikely new friend perhaps things will change.  Featuring a detailed art style and "pe...

5.8 Average

Reminiscence in the Night Review

A point and click/visual novel title that is worth checking out.

3.8 Lousy

Klang 2 Review

Get your groove on in this Sci fi music battler!

7.8 Good

Gynoug Review

Corey parties like it's 1991 in the modern day re-release of Gynoug also known as Wings of Wor. 

6.5 Okay

Bouncy Bullets 2 Review

More short and sweet action from Ratalaika.

4.8 Poor

Takorita Meets Fries Review

About as enjoyable as some cold McDonald’s fries you’ve dropped on the floor outside on a rainy afternoon. 

3.6 Lousy

Don’t Touch This Button! Review

A first person puzzle game that tries to skew expectations, can it pull the premise off?

5 Average

Dojoran Review

Dojoran is a tough precision platformer with an appealing 1-bit art style and an old-school chiptune soundtrack. The levels get progressively harder, but achievement hunters can unlock all the achieve...

6.4 Okay

Virtuous Western Review

Daniel dons his largest Cowboy hat and gets his 6 six shooter ready to catch those outlaws.

5 Average

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