Ratalaika Games

Gravity Duck Review

Ratalaika Games bring us another retro-styled puzzler - how does this stack up to the competition?

2.8 Awful

Super Wiloo Demake Review

This cutesy retro styled platformer comes to Xbox - can it hold to to the established competition?

5.4 Average

Sagebrush Review

The retro style visuals certainly catch the eye - but will the rest of the experience be as interesting?

6.4 Okay

Hoggy 2 Review

Hoggy 2 comes to console, but can it's initial vibrant charm be maintained?

5.9 Average

Mochi Mochi Boy Review

Mochi Mochi Boy serves itself as a simplistic adventure that doesn't take itself all too seriously, but does it prove to be worth your time and attention?

5.5 Average

Bouncy Bullets Review

Bouncy Bullets sits inline with the likes of Lovely Planet, being that it offers up a casual shooter that houses a simplistic framework, but does it play well?

6 Okay

Paradox Soul Review

On the heels of the outstanding Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, does the more relaxed metroidvania Paradox Soul stand very tall?

5 Average

Attack of the Toy Tanks Review

Ratalaika Games brings us another easy-G experience, this time in the guise of the Combat-like Attack of the Toy Tanks, but, is it any good?

5 Average

Neon Junctions Review

Neon Junctions aims to merge puzzling and platforming together to produce a worthwhile experience. Question is, does it achieve that result?

3.5 Lousy

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