Ratalaika Games

Mekabolt+ Review

Is a slight reworking of this previously released platformer enough to rights its previous wrongs?

6.8 Okay

Mages and Treasures Review

Can this magical adventure suck players in?

4.8 Poor

Super Onion Boy 2 Review

After playing Super Onion Boy 2 I was instantly transported back to my youth. Will this cool platformer be forgiving on this old man?

7.5 Good

Love Choice Review

A visual novel with a bit more under the hood, can it prove to be one of the better entries in the genre?

6.8 Okay

The Prince of Landis Review

An adventure game about a boy living in 1980s small-town America. His life is pretty rough, but after meeting an unlikely new friend perhaps things will change.  Featuring a detailed art style and "pe...

5.8 Average

Reminiscence in the Night Review

A point and click/visual novel title that is worth checking out.

3.8 Lousy

Klang 2 Review

Get your groove on in this Sci fi music battler!

7.8 Good

Gynoug Review

Corey parties like it's 1991 in the modern day re-release of Gynoug also known as Wings of Wor. 

6.5 Okay

Bouncy Bullets 2 Review

More short and sweet action from Ratalaika.

4.8 Poor

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