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Freddy Spaghetti 2.0 Review

Freddy is back to stretch and wiggle his way through a new job! Can this sequel firm up the formula?

6.5 Okay

Within the Blade Review

A solid foundation for a 16bit ninja title; Ametist’s Within the Blade is almost a brilliant game but is bogged down by some bugs and design decisions.

6.8 Okay

Donuts’n’Justice Review

Play good cop/bad cop in this 80's inspired adventure.

5.3 Average

Sun Wukong VS Robot – Review

Corey takes a bite out of this mini retro metroidvania. Come hear what he has to say!

6.5 Okay

A Little Lily Princess Review

Can this tale of a young girl and her new school provide a worthy read?

6.4 Okay

Gutwhale Review

A fast-paced, bite-sized roguelite in a strange setting. Solid gameplay that makes up for its small stature, and hidden content will keep fans of the genre entertained.

7.1 Good

Heal Review

Will Heal melt Daniels heart or will it be the straw that broke his back?

4.3 Poor

Rabisco+ Review

Another charming looking puzzle platformer enters the fray; will this be worth picking up?

5 Average

Angels with Scaly Wings Review

A romance tale...with dragons?? Will players be able to get invested in the tale?

6.5 Okay

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