Ratalaika Games

Thy Sword Review

How does this retro hack and slasher fare?

7 Good

Guard Duty Review

Can this modern day point and click style adventure engage players?

7.3 Good

Reed 2 Review

Reed's back in another tough platformer. Does this sequel improve on the last effort?

6 Okay

Blind Men Review

Can this coming of age spy tale keep you hooked?

4.5 Poor

Gun Crazy Review

Can the old school arcade action still resonate in the modern age?

5.8 Average

Rush Rover Review

A top down 2D shooter with bullet hell and roguelike elements, how does Ratalaika's latest fare?

6 Okay

Random Heroes: Gold Edition Review

Does this 2D platformer's unique twist offer up enough of a hook to keep you playing?

4.8 Poor

Duck Souls+ Review

Does this titles inspiration extend to beyond the title and offer up some fun, challenging gameplay?

6 Okay

Thunder Paw Review

More 2D platforming action from Ratalaika - will Thunder Paw be more than a few easy achievements?

3 Lousy
  • 1
  • 2
  • 7

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