Fuser Review

Harmonix is bringing rhythm gaming to the next generation to us with Fuser and I couldn’t be happier. Fuser takes hit songs across many decades and genres to allow us the ability to craft our ultimate festival like setlist.


I had a blast playing Fuser and I can’t wait to keep playing it. The game does a good job at letting you feel like you’ve made some really good tunes, even for the rhythmically challenged like myself. I only wish there were more songs to pick from without resulting to DLC but the offering available is certainly solid. All in all I’m glad a rhythm game without peripherals is here and I’m excited to see where Fuser goes.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Super fun to play
  • Online co-op
  • Can get complicated quickly
  • Base song list limited
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9
Longevity - 8
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From my early days of gaming with Vectrex and eventually NES, I can't remember a time where gaming wasn't present in my life. I have been maining Xbox since the release in 2001 and enjoy genres of all kinds. You can mostly find me achievement hunting these days. Gamertag: rawkerdude5012

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