No One Lives Under The Lighthouse Review

A retro styled thriller that has piqued our interest

7.5 Good

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Review

Another Xbox/Game Pass exclusive that misses the mark

5 Average

Strayed Lights Review

Will this new adventure title test our wits, or have us at wits end?

4.7 Poor

Minecraft Legends Review

It's not a complex game, but Minecraft Legends is still well worth a look.

8 Great

Road 96: Mile 0 Review

Does this sequel offer enough to make the trip worthwhile?

6.6 Okay

DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos Review

Cartoony Superhero capers abound in this top down action game

7.2 Good

Resident Evil 4 Review

The survival horror classic is back!

9.2 Excellent

The Legend of Tianding Review

Sidescrolling action combined with true life history - but is it a match made in heaven?

8 Great

Papetura Review

A labour of love to old school adventures and paper craft in one.

7.8 Good

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