Backfirewall_ Review

A tragicomedy about something everyone can relate to - updating our phone!

8.5 Great

Chasing Static Review

A low-poly horror that uses its limitations well over its short runtime.

7.8 Good

Darkwood Review

Atmospheric horror comes to next gen, but is the core experience worth a look?

6.8 Okay

Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM Review

A tale of ghosts that doesn't haunt us for long.

6.5 Okay

Heidelberg 1693 Review

Fast-paced gameplay featuring swords and muskets, multiple paths through twenty-plus levels, and gruesomely detailed pixel art, are only hampered by old-school-inspired difficulty, which will be too m...

7.9 Good

The Callisto Protocol Review

The inspiration is obvious, but can this new take live up to - or even exceed - the classic Dead Space?

7.5 Good

The Chant Review

Can this single player action adventure put the frights in all the right places?

7 Good

Return to Monkey Island Review

Point and clickers don't get much more iconic than Monkey Island, but has this new one got the stuff to make new fans?

9 Excellent

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Review

Is this final entry for Season One up the the high standard we've found so far?

9.1 Excellent

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