Everyone 10+

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Review

Corey takes a nostalgia filled trip back to 90's Nickelodeon in this all star brawler. Do the memories of yesteryear's cartoons hold up in a videogame of today?

7 Good

Godstrike Review

A bullet hell Boss Rush title that is as hard as that title suggests, but also a lot of fun!

8.5 Great

Alchemic Cutie Review

Do you have the patience to raise and play with your Jelly. Or will you pick something up you were not expecting to?

4.4 Poor

Dandy Ace Review

Alakazam! A new and 'wanderful' roguelike has emerged on Xbox with the name Dandy Ace! Will this new game place you in a state of joy or just a dry spell?

7.8 Good

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Review

The classic series is back to celebrate its...20th anniversary...I'm so old...

9 Excellent

Sable Review

A coming of age journey across a sandy, desolate planet that's visually breathtaking. You have the freedom to explore on your own, but this can get monotonous very fast despite the stunning setting; l...

7.3 Good

A Juggler’s Tale Review

Corey embarks on a short yet worthwhile journey with A Juggler's Tale now available on Xbox.

8.5 Great

Dojoran Review

Dojoran is a tough precision platformer with an appealing 1-bit art style and an old-school chiptune soundtrack. The levels get progressively harder, but achievement hunters can unlock all the achieve...

6.4 Okay

Inked: A Tale of Love Review

An engaging puzzle adventure awaits players across ten unique levels illustrated in a stunning and distinct ballpoint pen-inspired art style.  

7.2 Good

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