Everyone 10+

The Survivalists Review

Coming off of the highly regarded Escapists, can Team 17 keep the formula in tact for this island adventure?

6 Okay

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Review

The nostalgia train keeps on rolling; this time it's one-time PS exclusive mascot Crash being brought back. Will it re-ignite old fans and gain new ones also?

9 Excellent

Nexomon: Extinction Review

Nexomon is a monster-catching game that has a lot in common with Pokemon, but can it match it?

9.7 Excellent

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia Review

Licensed tie-in's have a chequered past; can this adaptation of Dreamwork's series buck that trend?

6 Okay

GORSD Review

With a unique premise, can GORSD bring with it decent enough exceution?

7 Good

Bounty Battle Review

Bringing together a broad range of indie characters to a fighting game should offer up some fan-serving fun; have Dark Screen Games pulled it off though?

4.5 Poor

Johnny Rocket Review

The minimalist art style is eye catching, but will there be more depth to the gameplay?

2.6 Awful

OkunoKA Madness Review

With a focus on speedrunning challenge, OkunoKA Madness isn't for those that don't like a test - but is it for those that do?

5.8 Average

Even The Ocean Review

Can this interesting puzzle platformer balance it's mechanics just right?

5 Average
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  • 9

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