Everyone 10+

Rain on Your Parade Review

Go on a journey with a cloud who is out to rain on everyone's parade. Check out our Review of Rain on Your Parade.

8.5 Great

Gravity Heroes Review

Will this gravitational shooter land on its feet, or end up spinning out in the void?

7.4 Good

Knight Squad 2 Review

The hectic, multiplayer arena-battler has returned for a sequel. The gameplay hasn't changed, but there are new game modes, more options, and updated graphics.

6.3 Okay

One Escape Review

Help convicts break free in this 2D jail-break adventure.

6 Okay

Space Otter Charlie Review

Will this Zero-G platformer leave you drifting aimlessly, or shooting for the stars?

8 Great

Killer Queen Black Review

If you're a Game Pass subscriber, you simply need to check out this game!

9 Excellent

Signs of the Sojourner Review

Explore a vibrant world filled with compelling storylines. Communicate with interesting characters using a fun and innovative card game. 

8.7 Great

Explosionade DX Review

Are you ready for explosions? Well make sure it doesn't all blow up in your face.

5.1 Average

Pinkman+ Review

Can this Series X/S Optimized game with Smart Delivery, deliver the goods?

7 Good

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