Everyone 10+

Death’s Door Review

Death's Door is a magical experience that shines in most aspects. Fans of Action-Exploration and Metroidvanias should check this out as soon as possible. The art design and world building are top notc...

9.5 Excellent

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials Review

A caveperson trying to escape a deep cave with the help of a radiant bat is the game here. Check out Corey's review!

7.6 Good

Blue Fire Review

A low-poly action-adventure platformer that's heavy on the platforming, but an expanding moveset makes the game more enjoyable as you go. Inspired by some of the most acclaimed games ever made, but bl...

8 Great

Operation: Tango Review

Operation: Tango is great spin on spy movies, and a fantastic co-op title.

7.9 Good

Curved Space Review

A twin stick shooter that opens up the playing field, but not necessarily for the better.

6.4 Okay

Worms Rumble Review

In need of a simple fast action 2D Battle Royale. Then you need to get yourself some Worms Rumble

7.9 Good

Sun Wukong VS Robot – Review

Corey takes a bite out of this mini retro metroidvania. Come hear what he has to say!

6.5 Okay

Dungeon Escape Review

Can this challenge a certain meat's crown as king of the difficult platformers?

7 Good

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Review

A modern reboot that borrows heavily from its past and features a striking new water color paint job. Just as tough as before, but concessions such as difficulty options and frequent checkpoints make ...

7.9 Good

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