Everyone 10+

Gem Wizards Tactics Review

What could of been a fun strategy game has ended up a tactical mess

6.2 Okay

Bugsnax Review

Bugsnax is and interesting concept full of interesting ideas. Sadly this is a game that never fully realises it's potential, instead lingering in a land of repetitivity.

6.3 Okay

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Review

A sometimes charming handmade- RPG-themed adventure game. The art style is fantastic and one-of-a-kind, but shallow gameplay holds this one back.

6.7 Okay

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Review

Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition has folded its way onto Xbox. Come in and see what Corey has to say about wraps up his thoughts on this game!

5 Average

Mekabolt+ Review

Is a slight reworking of this previously released platformer enough to rights its previous wrongs?

6.8 Okay

Mages and Treasures Review

Can this magical adventure suck players in?

4.8 Poor

Unbound: Worlds Apart Review

Unbound: Worlds Apart shows just what can be achieved when attention to detail, care and passion are poured into a project, with this game proving to be up there with the very best in the genre!

8.3 Great

Submerged: Hidden Depths Preview

This relaxing exploration sequel manages to charm us into wanting to see more!

OlliOlli World Review

A skateboarders paradise awaits both veterans and newcomers. The wonderful cartoon art style really makes the game stand out and the 2.5D design allows the developers to create some fantastic and intr...

8.8 Great

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