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Most of us as children grew up playing with toys right? We would always mix and mash different characters together and play out different scenarios in our heads. SuperMash feels just like that moment. Mixing and mashing six different game genres together and seeing what type of game they will create. The backstory of the game is pretty simple; A group of kids/young adults go to a garage sale and find a gaming console that allows them to insert two game cartridges at once, creating a whole new type of game. To be honest, the story doesn’t really stick to you or is all that attention-grabbing, but the main concept of SuperMash is the gameplay, and it meets my expectations.

In SuperMash there are six different genres of games that you can combine together to create a whole new one. These are platformer, stealth, action and adventure, JRPG, shoot em up, and metroidvania. No matter which way you mash them together, each truly feels different from one another, which is one of the aspects of SuperMash that I find attractive. The one thing that you have to keep an eye out for is that with every mash that you create affects the game length and the difficulty along with it as well. The one thing about the genres that you should know is that it’s not completely a whole new different game. What I mean by this is that the genres are basically clones of other popular titles within that said genre. Platformer copies Super Mario Bros., stealth copies Metal Gear, JRPG copies Final Fantasy, etc.

Like I stated before the variety comes within the mashing of the game styles themselves. The first game you select determines the genre of the game that you want, and the second slot determines the surroundings you’re put in and the enemies that you encounter. With this in mind, I found some games to be less fun than others and couldn’t really enjoy myself, which was quite disappointing. I can’t tell you how long I caught myself sitting in front of my TV just mix and matching all the possibilities for different types of games until I found the one that was perfect for me – in my opinion, shoot em up’s and JRPG’s.

An interesting feature that’s in the game is the ability to use “glitches” that you find in-game to modify your gameplay experiences. These glitches can do things such as give you unlimited health, attack faster, invincibility, jump higher, and many more things. They can either affect you negatively or positively depending on how hard or easy you want your gameplay experience to be. Other than the “glitches” the game doesn’t really have any more to offer. After playing the mashes that I liked I found myself sitting there asking “What now?”. Hopefully, there will be more genres added so I can go back into the game itself later down the road.

Graphics-wise the game kinda stays within the realm of 32-Bit games. It doesn’t really bother me too much because I like the feel of playing old retro games. I’m so focused on the gameplay half of the time to even notice in the first place. Sound/music-wise I love the 8-bit retro music that they use for some of the genres. The JRPG soundtrack I love the most since it reminds me of Final Fantasy’s soundtrack the most.


SuperMash to me had a goal in mind, and that goal was to create a variety of games for the player to play out of different types of genres. It executed it’s goal perfectly but even so, I feel that a few more additions to the game itself would make it even better and more entertaining than it already is.

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  • Provides a variety of games
  • Very entertaining at times
  • Gets repetitive after doing all the mashes
  • Some mashes aren’t as fun as others
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 7
Longevity - 8
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