Monster Harvest Review

Does Monster harvest peek your interest or does it look like a bad harvest waiting to happen?

3.5 Lousy

Astro Aquakitty Review

A game more akin to the days of R-Type on the super Nintendo Astro Aquakitty is an indie gem that just begs to be played for hours and hours.

7.1 Good

Ravensword: Shadowlands Review

Are you up to the adventure to find the Ravensword?

4.8 Poor

Black Legend Review

Can Black Legend become a golden game through alchemy?

6.4 Okay

Sea of Thieves Season One Impressions

After being out for a few years, the ever popular Sea of Thieves finally gets its first season!


When your home land is being invaded can you step up and be part of the resistance?

6.3 Okay

Torchlight III Review

The darkness of the Netherim and its allies have returned again. Can new heroes emerge to save us again?

7.3 Good

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review

While the original release was tarnished by outside problems, it still gained a cult following among players. Will this remaster bring it to a new audience?

6.8 Okay

The Falconeer Preview

Coming from a solo developer - and to Series X|S at launch, can this intriguing looking title soar above the rest?

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