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Skies of Arcadia

JPep’s Wishlist of Games and Franchises that Need a Comeback

In my long years of gaming I’ve seen a lot of great titles come and go. Some are inspiring, some are fun, some offer serious challenge, and some are absolute works of art.


Games as a Service

With new and engaging services landing left, right and center lately, we discuss just how much potential there could be in a system like this, across the board.

E3 2018

Microsoft is Paving the Way to a Better Future for Xbox

Despite a very rough gen, Microsoft are clearly now focused on the present and the future in an attempt to pave the way for a brighter outcome.


HITMAN 2 Aims to Meet the Potential that HITMAN Narrowly Missed

IOI recently announced HITMAN 2, the follow up to the hugely successful HITMAN 2016. Going from early intel, it appears to take the franchise to new heights.

Sea of Thieves’ Cursed Sails is Messy, But Fantastic

Sea of Thieves' second huge content drop has arrived in the form of Cursed Sails. It's a little rough in places, but it's fantastic nevertheless.

Destiny 2

Bungie Needs to See Sense for Destiny 3 and Learn From Their Mistakes

Destiny has come a long way since it first arrived at our shores, but it's still got one hell of a long way to go before it reaches its potential.

Where Should Capcom Take Resident Evil 8?

With Resident Evil VII taking the world by storm and Resident Evil 2 Remake set to do the same, we look ahead to where Capcom should take the series next.

Five Games That Massively Squandered Their Potential

It's not fun when a game is hyped up to the max, captures your attention, and releases with more issues than we care to count. Here's five to avoid.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is One of The Scariest Game Series of All Time – We Want More

The Fatal Frame series - otherwise known as Project Zero - is one of the scariest game series of all time. Now, more than ever, it would be great to see a new addition.

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