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Can Bungie Afford to Screw Up Destiny Again?

If there's one franchise that's had its ups and downs, it's Destiny. Can Bungie afford to screw up the series again with filler, unacceptable DLC plans?

Will We See Lara Croft Again This Gen?

With the recently released Shadow of the Tomb Raider neatly tying up Lara Croft's origin trilogy, we wonder whether we'll see her again this gen.


Telltale Games Closure is Sad News, Very Very Sad News

News that Telltale Games' majority closure took many of us by surprise. Safe to say, it's a sad time in gaming, seeing all this talent disbanded.

New Xbox Avatars – A Community Simulation Game Would Go Down a Treat

With new Xbox Avatars soon to be released, hopefully, that is, we think a community simulation game to support them would go down well with the crowd.

I Cant Put Shadow of the Tomb Raider Down

Despite the occasional story beat, I just cant put Lara's latest epic adventure, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, down. It's quite simply amazing.

Legacy Final Fantasy Games Coming to Xbox One? Best Reveal Ever!

News that legacy Final Fantasy games are coming to Xbox One took many by surprise, but for this gamer in particular, it's the best reveal, ever.


Five of the Best and Five of the Worst Games on Xbox One in 2018 So Far

It's been a fluctuating year for Xbox One as far as game releases go. Here's five of the best games and five of the worst games on Xbox One in 2018 so far.


A Game of Thrones Open-World RPG Would Work So Well

It's been spoken about time and time again, but damn, I just cant shake the thought of how well a Game of Thrones open-world RPG would work.


Lara’s Evolution is a Big Step in the Right Direction for Tomb Raider

The third and final installment of Lara's origin trilogy is upon us, and if you ask me, Lara's evolution is a big step in the right direction.

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