RIG 600 Pro HX Review

Manufacturer: Nacon
Where to Buy: Nacon
RRP: £99.99

I’ve been very fortunate to have the privilege of checking out a wide range of gaming headsets. None have been bad at all, but there have definitely been tiers to which are the ones I return to often, and those that sit on my shelf. When the opportunity came in to review the RIG 600 Pro HX, I was keen to see which category they’d end up in – and now, after a few weeks of use, I’ve come to the conclusion that, well, it’ll be a little bit of both – though not for the reasons you might think.

First off, this is an absolutely cracking headset in terms of the important bit – the sound. Using some beefy 40mm drivers, the sheer oomph behind each bang, crackle, and pop is actually quite stunning. A lot of headsets can find louder volumes cause crackling or distortion, but across several games of the standard Fortnite, as well as some Starfield, and Cocoon, I was never anything less than impressed with the clarity. They also include Dolby Atmos for console (in the US; UK versions support it but don’t include it), usually sold separately for around £15 and worth every damn penny. Just connect them to the console and away you go.

Volume is controlled via a rocker on the left ear, and fine tuning of bass/treble/mids is done on an easy to use app on our phone. This offers both Easy and Advanced modes, so if you’re someone with a keenly tuned ear, you can get in and more granularly adjust each of these, but a simpleton like me can just make the bass louder (as always) and be happy. These adjustments – sent to the headphones via the Bluetooth connection – are changed in real time, so we can be listening to the game audio and actually hear the difference it makes rather than having to flick back and forth. It’s a fantastic touch.

This app also allows us to adjust the microphone’s set up, with voice monitoring and gain equally adjustable. Several profiles can be saved too, so we could have bespoke settings for different games which is really neat.

Speaking of the mic, the audio is comes across nice and clear, and the voice monitoring (where we can hear our own chatter in the headphones) really only needs to be on its lowest setting to be more than enough. When not in use, it neatly flips up and tucks away within the headset, so you wouldn’t even know it was there until it pushes back out.

As a fully wireless bit of tech, it comes with a built-in battery capable of between 18-24 hours of life depending on if we’re using Bluetooth or wireless to the adapter. As well as the ability to Bluetooth to our phones for the aforementioned set up and option to listen to music/take calls from our phone (though sadly not the former at the same time as when in Game mode), the 600 Pro comes with a USB-C dongle that can be plugged into any device (including the PS5) with a port for super easy use.

Of course, the Xbox Series consoles lack such a port, so there is also an included short cable (in addition to the charging one) the lets us use the adaptor on console. I also have a USB extender that already includes a USB-C port, and this works just fine through that, so the choice is there if you’ve got it.

So, sound and flexibility in the audio set up is frankly excellent, but what about the actual wearing of the device? Well, it’s here that I have slightly less glowing praise, though as eluded to up top, not really through fault of the 600 Pro.

The ear cups are excellently made, very soft and breathable. They do a good job of cutting out outside noise without eliminating it completely. The headband is likewise comfy, and purportedly almost unbreakable thanks to insane amount of flexibility to it. Seriously, this thing can twist like nobody’s business without issue.

My issue arises in that, simply, I have a big head. Like, I’ve made mention in prior reviews of being surprised how many headsets fit me well, but I find more often than not when it comes to hats etc that they just don’t sit right. As so the same is almost true of the 600 Pro. You see, rather than having a traditional adjustable headband, here we have just three slots to pop the ear phones in, with no way to fine tune the placement. Even on the biggest of the three, they don’t quite sit flush on my ears, and after a short while I notice they’ve ridden up my head slightly. A quick push back down would get them into place for a while longer, but it was still a tad frustrating all the same. My daughter and wife (who have more proportional head sizes) find them to be supremely comfortable meanwhile and have already laid claim to them…

This may not have been such an issue for me had I not also been afforded the chance to check out the big brother of this headset, the 900 Max, which uses the same set up but in a much more forgiving design, which meant I much preferred those overall. (You can check out my review for those here). So, I found the best place to play was my Series S, which I tend to game on for shorter period until the Series X is free, and for this use the 600 Pro HX were brilliant.


Aside from my big head spoiling things, the RIG 600 Pro HX headphones have been utterly excellent. The sound quality blew me away, the ability to adjust the audio via the app in real time was a great touch, and being able to swap between Bluetooth and Game modes is both seamless and very welcome indeed. I’d like to have been able to use the Bluetooth audio while gaming, but as it is these come (almost) as highly recommended as any set I’ve ever checked out here at the Tavern.

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Hardware provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Accompanying app makes getting the most out of the audio a breeze
  • Built in mic is good quality and can be tucked away when not in use
  • Sturdy build quality
  • USB-C wireless dongle connection as well as Bluetooth opens up options for use
  • No use of Bluetooth audio while gaming (outside of accepting phone calls)
  • Even the maximum setting isn’t quite big enough for my (admittedly large) head
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