Jet Kave Adventure Review

As platformers go, Jet Kave Adventure is a great little game. The storyline is very simple and not overly exciting, however the gameplay kept me wanting to play more. I had the added bonus of my son watching me play, he loves dinosaurs so was enthralled seeing them on the screen. 

The addition of a shop mechanic gives you reasons to collect the shells to upgrade your jet pack, health, and weapon to name a few. 

The “secret” areas a a nice little bonus too, this give you extra shells as well as food at times. One thing I didn’t mention in my video review is you can gain back health by eating your meat stash. It’s a funny little gimmick as you defeat dinosaurs or find trees this gives you a sliver of food. Once your stash (an icon before your health which looks like a turkey leg) is full you can replenish your health. 


Jet Kave Adventure is a neat platformer that should keep younger players especially entertained, though I also had a blast playing. It’s not overly complicated but still manages to squeeze in a few interesting mechanics to give us something to be mindful of.

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  • Pleasant feeling to the gameplay
  • Movement around the levels is good
  • Game loop didn't feel too repetitive
  • Audio simple
  • Storyline is average
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Audio - 6
Longevity - 7
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  1. You say you Had a blast playing and yet give IT a mediocre score…

    • Yes you are totally correct. I had a blast playing it, the 4 points scale we use to score games averaged out at 6.8 for Jet Kave. For me the audio on the game was average at best.


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