One Night Stand Review

You wake up, your head is aching and you don’t remember where you are. I think we can all recall a night or two this may have happened but waking up in a strangers bed; that’s a whole new set of problems to deal with. One Night Stand from developer Kinmoku puts you right into this situation and lays it on thick. You may even feel a little hurt by how this game treats you or how you treat it in return but in lies the truth, this situation can happen and might even help if a situation like this was ever to arise.

“Players take the role of a man who wakes up from a drunken one-night stand beside a stranger and must piece together the events of the previous night.”

So, as stated you wake up in a strangers bed. Fuzzy and non focused, you fumble around for your phone to read the text message that woke you. It’s a friend asking where you are and what happened. He asks for proof but do you take a picture of her before she wakes up? What consequences could happen, what are the ramifications of this? The picture ends up on social media and you are hated for letting this happen.

This is just one of the many outcomes that can happen due to your approach and reactions to how you handle each question. One Night Stand is a very short game of sometimes only 10 minutes but has a lot of outcomes for you to discover. As questions pop up you must chose which chat bubble will be your answer. At times you will get a chance to search the bedroom and find some clues about the night before so you don’t look like a complete ass, but this is limited to your clicks. about 3 -5 clicks later and the girl will walk in again so you need to rely on the information you just found and try to brave through the questions hoping you have the answers. For example, I noticed her guitar so I chose to strum a few chords. She ran in saying please don’t touch it and wasn’t to happy. The next run-through I chose just to look at the guitar and she was much happier about this and explained it was a present from someone close. One Night Stand is a very moral based game, giving you the choice to be good or bad but the second option wont get you as far though the story.

The art style presented during the gameplay is somewhat of a dreamy state, using what looks like a shaded pastel look. There is not much movement during gameplay and should be treated as a point and click adventure. But as a bonus like most games it can serve well with achievement hunters bringing in an easy 1000 to the total score.


One Night Stand is a quiet game hidden amongst the large onslaught of the action genre, but those looking for this type of gameplay and story will find it a treat and something a little different.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.
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  • Story is engaging
  • Multiple endings
  • Short runtime
Gameplay - 5.9
Graphics - 6
Audio - 5.9
Longevity - 4.5
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