Infliction: Extended Cut Review

Infliction: Extended Cut is the first person horror experience I’ve been waiting for on Xbox for a long time. Caustic Reality pull much from ground breaking horrors such as the infamous P.T. and Amnesia. Filled with dark halls of a modern set home, you are chased and tormented by a ghost with no remorse. And not by any ghost, but the ghost of your wife who has been spiralling into insanity and was brutally murdered. Before you say anything, no, this is not the end of the game, for there is much to learn and discover as the horror continues. Developed mostly by one person, this title shows the passion and dedication towards horror and everything seems to fit and work very well.

“Explore a home crystalized by tragedy and uncover the heartbreaking secrets hidden within messages, artwork, household objects, and other vestiges of domestic life. Uncover clues and use items to unlock new paths and make discoveries while doing everything possible to avoid the malevolent presence inhabiting the residence. Hide under tables or beneath beds and harness light sources like camera flashes to stun the spirit and momentarily elude its pursuit.”

Infliction: EC is scary, straight out. The game uses photo realistic graphics which help give Infliction: EC its incredibly creepy vibe. Wandering the empty house – which seems to change and twist with the story – you will find yourself running in circles searching for the right path, or ways to unlock other paths. Walking through some doors will create a static image, turn around, and the door has gone. Children crying in the distance while heavy, croaky breathing sounds come from right beside you making you freeze to slowly look around but there is nothing to be seen. I found this to be truly terrifying; many a time I found myself frozen in one spot, just waiting for something to happen. The lights flicker out, those noises kick in and a single light bulb starts flashing like a strobe. I literally didn’t want to go over there for fear of what was waiting. Darkness is a key element here with Infliction, It creates a sense of over powering burden and when it strikes, it strikes hard, with in-your-face screams and horrific images that seem to burn into the brain once finished playing.

The halls of the house slowly deteriorate, leaving cracks and tears in the walls, broken furniture splattered with blood and chunks of body bits are piled up in buckets in the corner. Heads hang from chains and there’s not only the ghosts to deal with, but demonic creatures stalk you too. And if you’re a true horror fan, I’d advise watching the credits as there are some hidden Easter eggs which you just need to see.

I was lucky enough to shake hands with the company at PAXAus 2018 and asked if the title was coming to Xbox in the future as at this point was only just going to be released to PC. “I hope so, if we see enough positive attitude towards the game” they said. With Australian Awards for Best Indie Game Showcased and Australian Finalist for Best Game Developer I was sure it wouldn’t be long. With the Extended Cut we have a “Special Features” section turned into a museum based bonus level, in which you can spend your time looking at artwork, character designs, deleted scenes and house plans.


For fans of titles like Silent Hills (P.T.) and Amnesia this is a must. Great atmospheric surroundings provide a truly horrific experience. With photo realistic graphics, great sound and tense moments that make you freak out, Infliction: Extended Cut does a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this rising indie team.

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  • Photo realistic graphics
  • Great sound
  • Compelling Story
  • A few bugs at time of review
Gameplay - 8.9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.9
Longevity - 8
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