Blowfish Studios

YesterMorrow Review

Will this time travelling puzzler have you longing for yesterday, or waiting for tomorrow?

7 Good

Projection: First Light Review

Will this world of shadow and light shine bright, or burn out quickly?

6.1 Okay

Infinite – Beyond The Mind Review

Does this retro styled action platformer manage to appeal in the modern day?

8 Great

Obey Me Review

Will this top down brawler be a taste of heaven, or put you through hell?

7.6 Good

Element Space Review

Can this turn based strategy title stand out in a packed genre?

5.8 Average

Infliction: Extended Cut Review

Does Infliction do enough to stand out from the horror crowd?

8.7 Great

Whipseey and The Lost Atlas Review

Whipseey certainly has an immediate visual charm, but can it's gameplay keep things sweet?

6.6 Okay

Subdivison Infinity DX Review

This immersive space shooter has landed on consoles. Is it good enough to have you seeing stars?

7.5 Good

Minesweeper Genius Review

Minesweeper is one of gaming's most classic puzzlers, and now, it's coming back in the slightly altered form of Minesweeper Genius. How does it shape up?

7 Good
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