Ancestors Legacy Review

RTS games can be hit and miss on console - does Ancestors Legacy succeed in its implementation?

7.6 Good

Sagebrush Review

The retro style visuals certainly catch the eye - but will the rest of the experience be as interesting?

6.4 Okay

The Church in the Darkness Review

Church in the Darkness beings us a top down view of religion and cultism - but can it do enough to recruit you?

6.5 Okay

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

Wolfenstein returns with it's brilliant blend of stealth and combat, but does the new co-op focus detract from the experience?

8 Great

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review

Redeemer comes to Xbox One via an Enhanced Edition, bringing with it new features, refinements, and more. Should you pick this one up if you like brawlers?

8 Great

Decay Review

The well liked XBLIG Decay has come back to Xbox One, complete with all four parts and additional extras. The question is, has this aged well at all?

5 Average

The Sinking City Review

Frogwares brings us another sleuthing-based adventure in the guise of The Sinking City, but is this one detective-esque game that's worthy of your time?

5 Average

We. The Revolution Review

We. The Revolution arrives on Xbox One, bringing one particularly distinct puzzle game that doesn't hold back on its brutality, is it worth it?

7 Good

2URVIVE Review

2BAD Games brings their debut top-down shooter, 2URVIVE, to Xbox One. Amidst many games of the same type readily available, is this a worthy addition?

5 Average

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