Ikai Review

It brings together everything you need for a real freakish Japanese folk tale, before letting go of the memorable tale it wants to tell. 

7 Good

Frightence Review

A short, intense horror that leaves us hanging.

5.4 Average

Martha is Dead Review

After a long wait we finally got our hands on this thriller - but does it live up to our expectations?

9 Excellent

IKAI Preview

With continued attention to detail this Japanese folklore horror could yet become a sleeper hit of 2022

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Review

Whilst it's nice to see this iconic franchise return, it appears age has banished the fear factor once and for all, and instead we have a repetitive and dull ghost hunt more deserving of a spot on day...

7.2 Good

House of Ashes Review

Back for the third entry in the Franchise, can Supermassive Games' latest keep up the high standard set so far?

9.6 Excellent

Silver Chains Review

Silver Chains pushes jump scares, loud noises and dark hallways into play at every opportunity. Whilst it may be a visual pleaser, the lack of originality and overused tropes only hampers the experien...

7.5 Good

Yuoni Review

Hide and seek with a horror twist, can Yuoni prove to be worth your time?

4 Poor

Horror Tales: The Wine Review

Can a creepy atmosphere and interesting premise pull us through this indie horror title?

8.5 Great
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