Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Missions and Monsters Review

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark has finally got some DLC to talk about. If you haven’t played the original Fell Seal and you are into tactical battle RPG games, then you are missing out. It is in the same mould as the Final Fantasy Tactics series, but with its own unique graphics and storyline. I highly recommend it.

This DLC comes at a strange time considering the game has already been out for a year. It is not so much an extension to the game, but more of a big enhancement. Most of the content will benefit new players more than those who already have it. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of fun to be had with the DLC, but it is more to just tackle some of the new content and features. I have to admit I had to do a lot of searching to work out how to access some of the DLC content as it wasn’t revealed anywhere. I read there were new classes and areas, but they are not readily available. Most of the content is held as rewards under the new mission system. So, you have to start completing the missions if you want access to any of the DLC. But considering the mission system itself is also part of the DLC it’s not the end of the world.

The first content from the DLC mentioned are the 3 new classes for humans which are Samurai, Wrangler and Beastmaster. They are OK to master, but the main feature of these classes is the ability to tame and recruit monster units. The monster units are also part of the DLC as they have their own class system. A lot of the classes are similar between the monsters, but its still fun to make use of monster units and their unique abilities.

The next feature which is probably the largest portion of the DLC is the new mission and guild upgrade system. The idea isn’t new, but it’s very much needed in these types of games. Basically, the mission system allows you to send recruits you may not use or that meet certain criteria onto specific automated missions. This allows you to send recruits that need experience which you don’t usually use onto missions to gain specific rewards. You can have up to 4 missions running at one time, and the good thing is that they run in real-time rather than game time. This means that you can send your recruits onto missions before you take a break or finish for the day and when you come back, there is a good chance their mission may have completed, so you can reap the rewards. The only drawbacks are some missions require certain job classes, and if they are already out on a mission you cannot use them in live play until they have returned. If you don’t use the correct classes, then you need to pay attention to the success % probability. If the % is low there is a chance the mission can fail, and you don’t get the rewards.

The Guild upgrade section half accompanies the mission system but also accompanies the live gameplay. In each of the main guilds, you can now install structures which each have certain boosts to the area that comes under that particular guild. It can also boost the missions for that particular guild. These upgrades could boost the success rate of the missions, increase the ability points you receive, increase experienced earned in that area, gain extra components for crafting and more. Not that this was mentioned anywhere but the 3 new classes only become available when certain special missions are completed. There are also special missions which have the reward of a hunt becoming available. A hunt is a new feature which may open up a new area and contains high-level enemies which drop decent loot. On some hunts, there are also snippets of the storyline which is nice to see. Some mission rewards even contain new recruits which join at the current level of your main character which is a decent reward too.

Once you have completed all the missions once for any of the guilds, a new large battle scenario opens up, sometimes in a new area. This allows you to deploy 9 units into battle, so you get to use certain recruits you may not have used in the past, as well as some of the new monster recruits you can now obtain. Even after you complete the battle, you can redo it as much as you want to enjoy the large battle feature.


The Missions and Monsters DLC for Fell Seal is a great addition to the game and strongly enhances the gameplay. Most of the content though is more useful for those who have not completed the game yet. The mission feature would help assist in growing your units and rewards as you progress. For those that have completed the game, there are still some neat new things to enjoy and play through.

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  • The mission system is a great addition
  • The large-scale battles are fun and suit the game
  • The experience for new players will be much better
  • There is no introduction to the DLC to show how to access it
  • No new storyline missions
  • Those that have completed the game won't feel the benefit as much
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 6.5
Longevity - 7.5
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