Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Review

If you are after a strategy combat game wrapped in lore. Then 40,000 Space Wolf could leave you howling in pain.

5.1 Average

Griftlands Review

Klei Entertainment’s early access deck-builder has gone full release! Griftlands is a deep and challenging game in all aspects.

8.5 Great

Chess Knights: Shinobi Review

Is tonight the Knight you make the right move?

6.1 Okay

Trenga Unlimited Review

Is there much depth to this puzzler?

3.5 Lousy

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Review

  Sumo Newcastle’s new multiplayer stealth game has the potential for uniqueness but doesn’t quite commit.

6.1 Okay

The Colonists Review

The Colonists is a bright RTS game in the vein of Settlers but if all the characters were Pixar robots.

8.1 Great

Smelter Review

Action-packed 2D platforming combines with so-so strategy gameplay to make a unique title that takes inspiration from a few 16-bit greats while also doing its own thing. 

8.6 Great

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review

  Buildings come to life in BlackStaff’s new game. Charm and whimsy abound, in this world where edifices have an inner life.

7.3 Good

Spacebase Startopia Preview

The quirky looking sim is currently in Game Preview - is there much here to look forward to for the full release, and is it worth hopping in now?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 9

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