We Were Here Forever Review (Xbox)

The excellent co-op puzzler finally lands on console - and you should absolutely grab a friend and check it out!

9 Excellent

One Piece Odyssey Review

Sail with Monkey D Luffy and experience a wonderful RPG adventure or relive the adventure if you are a real fan

8.2 Great

Chasing Static Review

A low-poly horror that uses its limitations well over its short runtime.

7.8 Good

Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM Review

A tale of ghosts that doesn't haunt us for long.

6.5 Okay

Wavetale Review

Corey dives into this post-apocalyptic water world to see if Wavetale will be a catch or if you will want to throw it back. Will this be a game for you?

7 Good

Signalis Review

Top down survival horror abounds in this unique title.

8.4 Great

McPixel 3 Review

McPixel is here to save the day or at least kill some time and make you laugh

7.8 Good

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review

It is finally our turn to take Marvel's Midnight Suns for a spin. See if this delivered or fell by the wayside. Corey reviews his time so far with the game. 

9 Excellent

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Review

Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when you read this review?

7.5 Good

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