Police Stories Review

Can this police action arrest your attention, or will it be told to move along?

6.6 Okay

SOR4: Mr. X Nightmare Review

An already excellent game just gets better with this new DLC package!

10 Incredible

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Review

A unique, customizable combat system and a beautiful, yet bleak and dreary world are just a few reasons to check out this side-scrolling Action-RPG Metroidvania.

9 Excellent

Minute of Islands Review

A nautical-themed puzzle platforming adventure held together by its vibrantly detailed, late night animation-inspired art style despite its somewhat shallow gameplay.

7.4 Good

Heliborne Review

Originally released on PC in 2017, does this console port still hold up?

3 Lousy

Donuts’n’Justice Review

Play good cop/bad cop in this 80's inspired adventure.

5.3 Average

Griftlands Review

Klei Entertainment’s early access deck-builder has gone full release! Griftlands is a deep and challenging game in all aspects.

8.5 Great

Mighty Goose Review

An enjoyable run and gunner that takes an old recipe and adds some interesting ingredients that spice things up after a few bites while also making the whole thing more palatable for a wider audience,...

7.6 Good

A Little Lily Princess Review

Can this tale of a young girl and her new school provide a worthy read?

6.4 Okay

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