Steel Rats Review

Following a brief delay, Steel Rats is now finally available on Xbox One. The question is, has the wait been worth it now that it's here?

4.8 Poor

Back in 1995 Review

Throwbacks can be a wonderful thing, and that's what Back in 1995 is aiming to achieve. Does this prove to be a worthwhile trek?

2 Awful

Undead Horde Review

Undead Horde sports a very unique framework, and promises a heap of depth, but does that all come together to produce a worthwhile affair?

8 Great

Castlevania Anniversary Collection Review

The alarmingly quiet Konami have brought us the second of their anniversary collections; Castlevania. How does this compilation hold up?

7.5 Good

For the King Review

For the King blends together roguelike, RPG, and tabletop elements. Does the end result make for a decent mashup?

9.1 Excellent

Devious Dungeon 2 Review

Following on from the hit and miss Devious Dungeon, Ratalaiker Games are back with a port of its sequel. Does it make for a worthwhile trip?

7 Good

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy Review

The Dragon's Lair trilogy packs three classic arcade games together, along with a few additional extras for good measure. Is this bundle worthy of your time and attention?

4 Poor

Party Arcade Review

Party Arcade offers up a range of varying party games with support for both local and online multiplayer, but does it succeed where it needs to?

3 Lousy

My Big Sister Review

My Big Sister aims to provide a maturely themed horror game that leans on some touchy concepts. Does the end result provide much weight?

4 Poor

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