Protocol Review

Can this blend of genres and styles make a worthy whole?

6 Okay

Battle Axe Review

A back to its roots, arcade hack and shooter. Fantastic pixel art, music, and solid combat mechanics are held back by fiendishly hard difficulty with zero hand holding.

6.6 Okay

Smelter Review

Action-packed 2D platforming combines with so-so strategy gameplay to make a unique title that takes inspiration from a few 16-bit greats while also doing its own thing. 

8.6 Great

Cymatically Muffed Review

Can you see the wave of sound or are you feeling muffed?

6.3 Okay

Super Meat Boy Forever Review

Meat Boy makes his triumphant return in another challenging platforming adventure featuring new mechanics, a slick, updated art style, and thousands of level combinations so you can play Forever.

9.3 Excellent

C14 Dating Review

Will you dig this visual novel?

6.3 Okay

Gangsta Paradise Review

Gangsta Paradise is a Shoot 'em Up-lite, where you defend your town against the perpetual onslaught of goofy looking gangsters.

5.8 Average

Ravensword: Shadowlands Review

Are you up to the adventure to find the Ravensword?

4.8 Poor

Breathedge Review

RedRuins Software makes a good stab at 'Subnautica in Space', but stumbles in key places

6.9 Okay

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