King of Seas Review

King of Seas takes a broadside shot at the pirate simulator, sadly it is not at full mast.

5 Average

A Little Lily Princess Review

Can this tale of a young girl and her new school provide a worthy read?

6.4 Okay

Biomutant Review

Swords, guns, cool looking animals, martial arts and a big open world to explore. Biomutant seems to have the lot.

8.8 Great

The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa Review

A fusion of Shenmue and River City Ransom, there is plenty to like about The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa.

9.3 Excellent

Breathedge Review

RedRuins Software makes a good stab at 'Subnautica in Space', but stumbles in key places

6.9 Okay

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest Review

Does this narrative adventure have heart, or will it have you running for the hills?

8.8 Great

How To Take Off Your Mask Remastered Review

Those with a penchant for visual novels have been spilt by Ratalaika lately: how does this latest effort fare?

6 Okay

Empire of Sin Review

Can this Prohibition-era RPG have you feeling like a mob boss, or would you rather sleep with the fishes?

6.6 Okay

Autumn’s Journey Review

Will this visual novel capture our hearts with its tale of love?

2.3 Awful
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  • 8

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