Nexomon: Extinction Review

Nexomon is a monster-catching game that has a lot in common with Pokemon, but can it match it?

9.7 Excellent

Marvels Avengers Review

In a time of unrest, can you step up and become a hero?

8.9 Great

A Hero and a Garden Review

Will this little adventure have you tending to your garden willingly, or let it over grow and die?

2.9 Awful

Ary and the Secret of Seasons Review

This charming adventure looks to be filled with promise - will it deliver though?

5 Average

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Do you have what it takes to capture and rule your own kingdom?

8.4 Great

Wasteland 3 Review

Can this long awaited sequel live up to fans expectation?

7.5 Good

Roommates Review

Will this college life-based visual novel have you partying wildly, or putting it to bed before the night begins?

5.8 Average

Cinders Review

Will being able to shape the tale bring new life to the Cinderella story?

7.4 Good

Jisei: The First Case HD Review

As a re-imagined cult classic visual novel, can SakeVisual do the source material justice?

7 Good
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