Clash Force Review

Clash Force is a 2D 8-bit homage to the classic run-and-gun action genre that reminds me a lot of Contra and a bit of Megaman. There are three playable characters called Voom, Scorpido, and Echid. You can pick whoever you like the look of as character selection doesn’t have any impact on gameplay. Your mission is to stop the Evil Crackman from causing mayhem, working your way through forests, deserts and mines to reach his flying fortress.

Like most games in this genre, it’s running left to right and shooting non-stop with unlimited ammo. Unfortunately, you cannot shoot up or down so it can be frustrating to hit some enemies, but it’s still straight-forward and simple. As you side-scroll  through the levels, you’ll come across flying weapon upgrades which can make short work of the enemies.

If you get hit you will lose the upgrade and health, with characters taking up to three hits before dying. You can pick up health to top you up but there isn’t much around. If you do die it’s back to the beginning of the level, but you have unlimited tries to complete it. After each level you get a bonus stage which allows you to pick up a power-up to start the next level.

At the end of each zone you’ll reach a boss fight. These are fun but not very challenging. The bosses have a set pattern and once you know when to jump and dodge you can kill them in no time. This feels like a missed opportunity to make the game more engaging.

It’s really not very hard to get through to the end game, taking you only about an hour to finish owing to how easily you’ll blast through most of the levels. Even if you want to just 1000g and be done you only need to do the first 15 levels, so you don’t even have to complete it.

The music delivers what you would expected from an 8-bit classic but there isn’t much to say about the graphics as they’re not really that strong. The art style matches the retro feel but it could be better polished and seems somewhat basic.

It’s definitely a one-time play through with nothing special to keep you coming back for more, but that nostalgia is probably the best bit about it.


It’s hard to write about this game as it’s just not very much fun. It’s a cheap and average run-and-gun side scroller. The music has a nostalgic feel and the achievements are nice and simple. It’s a one hour run and you only need to beat the first 15 stages. It’s a shame the 3 characters don’t have unique abilities and that boss fights aren’t more challenging.

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  • Retro music
  • Easy 1000g
  • Gets boring very quickly
Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 3
Audio - 6
Longevity - 2
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