Author: Ian Wray

For me it started out on PC, back in the Wolfenstein 3D and Commander Keen days. Now I play across all platforms, but I'm gaming every day, mainly on xbox. I'm easy going, with a full-on achievement hunting addiction, but you mainly can find me getting my fix on Apex Legends (Caustic FTW) Gamertag: nuttywray

2.3 Awful

Football Game Review

8.8 Great

Afterparty Review

7.4 Good

Pig Eat Ball Review

7.7 Good

Jackbox Party Pack 6 Review

4.1 Poor

Super Box Land Demake Review

5.9 Average

Stellatum Review

7.6 Good

Fight’N Rage Review

4.5 Poor

Rebound: Dodgeball Evolved Review

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