Alwa’s Awakening Review

Styled after retro 8-bit platformers, does Alwa's Awakening bring the genre into the modern era successfully?

7 Good

Mad Game Tycoon Review

It's easy to sit back and claim you could do better when you don't like something in a game - now's your chance to prove it!

1.5 Terrible

Bee Simulator Review

Can Bee Simulator make its mark on the crowded sim genre?

7.5 Good

Kine Review

The debut game from lone developer Gwen Frey, can Kine keep up the tempo or does it miss the beat?

7.3 Good

Lonely Mountains Downhill Review

Looking for a challenging racer/platformer akin to Trials? You may want to check out LMD...

7.8 Good

Super Box Land Demake Review

This top down puzzler certainly has a nice retro look to it; but will it's gameplay live up to modern standards?

4.1 Poor

Stellatum Review

The vertical scrolling shooter seems to be having a bit of a resurgence lately; how does this entry in the genre hold up?

5.9 Average

Debris Infinity Review

While it's inspiration is held on it's sleeve, how does the gameplay hold up in comparison?

7 Good

GRID Review

The racing experts are back at it again, this time reviving the GRID franchise. Can Codemasters deliver the excellence we become accustomed to once again?

9.6 Excellent

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