Super Weekend Mode Review

Ratalaika are back again with another (easy Gamerscore) experience, but is this game one that goes beyond scoring cheap achievements?

5 Average

Velocity G Review

Velocity G joins the growing trend of futuristic racers, offering a shed-load of content and a firm but established core loop. Does it hold up elsewhere?

5 Average

Smoots World Cup Tennis Review

I think it's fair to say that the Xbox One is lacking in tennis games. That said, is the newly released Smoots World Cup Tennis worthy of your time?

4 Poor

Royal Roads Review

8Floor brings yet another farm management game to the Xbox One. Does Royal Roads stand out in comparison to its hit and miss related peers?

6 Okay

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge Review

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge is a unique game, being that we don't see that many horse racing experiences on Xbox One, but, is it any good?

3.5 Lousy

Miles & Kilo Review

Tough as nails platformers can be addictive as hell if developed with a fine balance. Does Miles & Kilo manage to achieve that balance?

6.5 Okay

I and Me Review

I and Me serves itself as a puzzle platformer with some unique mechanics, but in a genre that's overflowing with games, does it stand out?

6.5 Okay

Old Man’s Journey Review

Old Man's Journey intends to bring you a puzzle game like no other. Whilst it's indeed on the short side, does this prove to be a journey worth your time?

7.5 Good

Treasure Stack Review

Treasure Stack puts a unique spin on the block dropping puzzle concept by adding in platforming play, but does this mashup work well at all?

4.5 Poor

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