Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline Review

Watch Dogs: Legion was a brilliant instalment in the franchise. I had so much fun with it and didn’t stop playing until it was completed. Ubisoft Montreal have done a great job with adding a few extra game modes here and there, plus fixing the horrible glitch where you would sometimes lose progress when shutting down the game. When they announced the Bloodline expansion and what it was about my interest peaked straight away.

You take control of Aiden Pearce, the main protagonist from the first Watch Dogs, who can hack anything. He has a strong ability that can take down any device in a small area around him which helps infiltrate areas.

Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 is also part of this expansion. He is a very interesting and fun character, always there to crack jokes and make light hearted humour, and his mask is brilliant as it can showcase a variety of emotions. You can see that the two characters, both with such different personalities, couldn’t really be friends in real life.

Still set in London, it carries on some time after the ending of the main game. Aiden accepts a contract that will hopefully allow him to reunite with his nephew, Jackson. His job is to infiltrate a company called Broca Tech and acquire some photographic evidence of a new robot design. As you can imagine, the attempt goes haywire and you cross paths with Wrench who is carrying out a different job at the same time – stealing a unique, powerful device.

The main villain for this expansion is Thomas Rempart. He believes both Aiden and Wrench are working together and tasks Aiden to return a device that was stolen or he will find and kidnap his nephew Jackson and use him as leverage.

It’s a pretty long expansion, clocking in at around 5 to 6 hours for just the main campaign missions. If you are wanting to do all the side missions as well that will add a couple more hours on top, taking it to around 10 hours.

Speaking of the side missions, they also help you unlock more goodies for your arsenal, making you a bit more powerful and allowing you to have more fun, such as by taking over drones or hiding bodies when you take them down. The side missions are actually enjoyable for once as you want to unlock more items for your character, and I feel they put a bit more effort into them compared to the focus on the Spiderbot from the main game which became boring. Don’t worry, there are still a few missions when he has to be used but he can fly now which makes getting to places a little bit quicker this time around.

We also come across some new enemy types in the form of robots, which is a nice change of pace. You have to do enough damage to open up a core on their back to finally take it down. These guys are tough and sometimes you can’t play it stealthy.

I never had any technical issues this time around. I know when the main game launched there were a few, but they seem to be fixed and it’s now working without any problems.

I’m not sure, but I feel they have also added more music when you are driving as I swear I never heard “Three Lions” when I first played the game. I felt like it was worth mentioning as I’m still bitter about us losing the Euros and it keeps reminding me 🙁 (Just for Ross – it’s coming Rome – ed).

I had a tremendous amount of fun playing this to the point I actually feel like it was better than the main game. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the aspect of playing as anyone you walk past in the main game but there’s something about having a main protagonist and focusing more on single narrative that’s a bit more enjoyable. It explores Aiden’s past and feels like a sequel to the first Watch Dogs as it does reference it a lot and expands more on what Aiden is going through with his nephew, Jackson.

You can also bring both Aiden and Wrench into the single player campaign so if anything I would love to go back and do some missions as them both as they’ve got so much more personality than some of the random people I had on my team other – than the posh dressed lady talking like a gangster.


The Bloodline expansion is well written. It’s all about the exciting story and if you are a huge fan of the Watch Dogs universe, you can’t fault this. It’s a ton of fun to play and it brought back good memories to the point I might play the first game through again (or continue the first game’s DLC which I started but never finished!).

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  • Great story driven arc
  • Long for a DLC
  • New abilities are fun to use
  • Aiden and Wrench are back!
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 9
Longevity - 9
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