Turtle Beach – Recon 70 Headset Review

Manufacturer: Turtle Beach
Where to buy: Turtle Beach (Disclosure: Affiliate Link)
Price: £29.99 – Or Region Equivalent

Turtle Beach needs no introduction. It’s a brand many of us are familiar with, and for good reason too. They’re one of the leading manufacturers for gaming headsets, headsets that span all shapes, sizes, and costs. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have gone through your fair share of headsets over the years. I’ve tried many of them, ranging the most costlier of options, through to the cheapest of options. I took a look at their recently released Recon 70; affordable for sure, but, do they house a solid quality? Yes, for the most part, they do.

Out of the box, it’s clear from the get-go that the Recon 70 is a sturdy kit for what you’ll pay. I wont go so far as to say that it’s going to survive for years on end, but look after it well, and it’s bound to look after you. The only niggling concern I has is with its flip-down mic. This is the only piece of the kit that feels relatively weak in comparison to the rest of the build. Several times I felt a little scared to pull it down without taking the kit off my head, simply due to how delicate it feels, and how seemingly easy it appears to pull and snap off.

This much is true when you take a look head-on; the plastic marriage from mic to the left ear cup not quite as firm as expected. Still, like stated above, care after it and it’s going to last. Careless use will naturally lean to the contrary. Whatever the case, the Recon 70 is magnificently structured elsewhere. The headset arrives in a neatly compact box, and pulls out as a single unit. The design of the Recon 70 is remarkable. It’s slick, it’s clinical, it’s clean, and it’s utterly well presented. I should point out that there’s several colors to select from.

The colors tend to vary based on console color coordination; ranging color that suit the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and of course, the Nintendo Switch. That being said, you’re not at all obligated to remain isolated to the console. The Recon 70 will plug in to just about anything that supports a 3.5mm jack, making this a suitable choice for those of you that want privacy and solitude across PC, mobile, and handheld devices. The Recon 70 is well designed overall, not just from an aesthetic point of view, but a structural point of view too.

The headset’s headband remains firm and cozy, with just the right amount of wiggle room as far as slider capacity is concerned. Whilst the entire framework is made up of hard plastics and some metal, both ear cups provide premium ear cushions to welcome prolonged sessions of cozy headgear. The left ear cup is where the interface tools are stationed; a flip-up/flip-down mic, alongside a single volume slider that allows you to find an audio output capacity that’s fit for your liking. Headset handling accessibility is clearly key here.

I can say as much about the headset’s level of comfort. I’ve been using these for nearly two weeks now (on and off) and I can wholeheartedly state that the level of comfort is outstanding. I wont lie, coming off the XO Four, I was somewhat afraid that I’d need to endure the wearing-in period, being that the XO Four felt akin to having a Face Hugger attached to each ear starting out. Here, however, that’s not the case. The Recon 70 is cozy from the off, and furthermore, it’s utterly cozy after hours and hours of prolonged usage.

The headset’s weight took some adjustment time. No, it’s not massively heavy, in fact quite the contrary, it’s light weight. So much so that is barely feels like you’ve got anything on your noggin. That’s not a negativity by any means, but coming off a costlier (heavier) option to test this kit out was night and day. Turtle Beach’s flip-up mute functionality is present and accounted for, meaning that in place of a mute button, you’ll simply flip-up the mic to cancel out any noise carrying through. It’s become a staple design point, and quite right so.

When all is said and done, the Recon 70 is a gorgeous representation of Turtle Beach’s years of commitment to their craft. It’s easy on the eyes, easy on the head, and easy to utilize. So, now that’s the quality of its build out of the way, how does it perform on a technical level? For its price range, magnificently well. You’re not going to get blown away here, but you are indeed likely to be as surprised as I was by its quality across both audio feedback and mic output. Is it worth its price? Absolutely. It’s certainly up there with the best of its bracket.

I’ve tested the headset with a range of varying medias, ranging games, videos, and music. The consensus? I can only report great findings. Sure, when using the Recon 70 for video and music, you’re getting loud, crisp, isolated feedback, but it’s when using it for gaming that it truly shines through. The high-quality 40mm speakers deliver precise and distinct cues throughout, and unlike the similarly priced FUSION we’ve recently covered, there’s no warm up here, everything is responsive and instant, right from the moment you plug in.

Naturally, the fact that the kit is surround sound ready for Xbox One, being that it’s optimized to deliver Windows Sonic and is also compatible with Dolby Atmos, only elevates its performance. I played DOOM, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy X, RAGE 2, and several indies, and throughout all aspects of play, I was wholly satisfied with the results. The level of power here is remarkable for its cost, giving you those all important cues thick and fast to ensure you’ve an edge in your games; footsteps, enemy fire, gentle noises, and everything between.

The mic, despite the lack of monitoring, is equally as high in quality. Each person in my party could hear me loudly and clearly, as could I when listening to my voice recordings back. There’s no static neither, nor is there any distortion when muting/un-muting the mic. The bottom line in all of this? The Recon 70 is about as good as you’ll ever get for the price that it demands, and you’ll struggle to find an option elsewhere that’s as good as this. Should you pick these up if you’re being cost efficient? Most certainly, they’re an easy recommendation.

Sure, you could fork out just that little bit extra and get more bang for your buck through Turtle Beach’s other wares, but, if you’re truly trying to save the pennies ahead of the busy season, don’t pass the Recon 70 by. You truly wont regret it. Not only are they durable and well designed, but they’re clearly built for prolonged use, and being so light in weight, you’ll rarely notice you’ve got them on. This, if anything, is the definition of wise spending. You’re getting many features of a higher-end kit, for the well set cost of next to nothing. Invest.


Turtle Beach’s Recon 70 offers outstanding value for its price. Whilst I take issue with the somewhat flimsy structure of the flip-down mic, the rest of the package is wholly remarkable. The Recon 70 not only looks the part, but feels the part too. It’s comfortable throughout even the most prolonged of gaming sessions, and has audio quality, mic quality, and an overall feedback depth like no other headset in the same price bracket. Pick it up!

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  • Great audio feedback across the board.
  • Solid mic quality.
  • Slick, gorgeous design.
  • Surprisingly cozy, and sturdy for the most part.
  • Amazing value for its price.
  • Mic feels a bit flimsy.
Usability - 8.5
Design - 9.5
Durability - 7.5
Value for Price - 8.5
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