Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach – Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset Review

When it come to gaming, a solid headset can make the world of difference. Where does Turtle Beach's Recon 200 headset sit in that spectrum?

9 Excellent

Turtle Beach – Recon 70 Headset Review

Turtle Beach are well known for their craft, being responsible for many of the market's leading gaming headsets. How does the Recon 70 shape up?

8.5 Great

Turtle Beach Atlas One Headset Review

Often a matter of taste, the overwhelming number of options for headsets in both the console and gaming space means there is something for everyone, is this for you?

8.5 Great

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset Review

Given the wide variety of options available on the market, it can be hard finding a decent headset. How does the Stealth 300 stack up?

8.5 Great

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