PowerA – FUSION Gaming Headset Review

Manufacturer: PowerA
Where to buy: PowerA
Price: $33.96 – Or Region Equivalent

Choosing the right headset for your gaming sessions can be tricky. I mean, cost will always play a large role in what you’re seeking to invest in, but if you, like many of us, simply want a great experience without breaking the bank, PowerA’s FUSION Gaming Headset is an excellent choice. Whilst nowhere near as high quality in comparison to the costlier options in the market, you’ll be hard-pressed finding an equal quality for an equal price. I’ve played games with numerous headsets over the years, but this one, this one surprised me a lot.

First and foremost, what’s in the box, and, what’s FUSION’s framework like? The FUSION comes neatly packed in some slick, well set packaging. I was instantly pleased to see a fabric cable as apposed to the plastic wiring we see from many of its contemporaries, but that’s my preference more than anything else. The headset, as expected, is simply plug and play. You’ll do little more than connect the 3.5mm cable to both the headset and the controller, and off you go. I’ll point out that the headset isn’t exclusive to Xbox One, it’s multi-plat.

You’re free to use this on the PlayStation, PC/Mac, Wii U, and just about any device in between. It’s clear from the get-go that the FUSION means business. It’s sturdy, it’s resilient, and it’s utterly comfortable. The FUSION’s headband is soft but strong, with a field of adjustment that allows for a great deal of flexibility. The headset’s functionalities are tethered to the left cup, providing you swift access to both volume adjustment and a mute button. The volume adjustment is served as a wheel that you’ll turn left and right as needed.

The boom microphone is flexible too, and detaches completely should you need it to. The ear cups offer stereo sound with noise-isolating technology, giving you all the solitude that you need on the fly. In regards to the material used, the FUSION is made up of hard plastics and soft fabric, and in truth, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. I wouldn’t say this lightly, but the comfort that FUSION provides is high up there with the best of the best, especially the best of its price range. It’s a light weight set, but it doesn’t at all comprise its quality.

Everything from the deep padded cushioning of the ear cups, right through to the aforementioned braided cable, is simply great. The design is slick too, which is always an important factor when it comes to wearing anything. That’s the aesthetics out of the way, but what about the quality of use? Once again, I can only extend two big thumbs up. Sure, there’s the odd drawback to be mindful of that I’ll touch up on in a moment, but with that to the side, or even with that in mind I daresay, the FUSION is top notch for its cost bracket.

I tested FUSION out on a range of different titles; DOOM, Fortnite, Final Fantasy X, Call of Duty, and even used it for some music and Netflix. The headset’s 50mm drivers do an outstanding job at delivering (stereo) sound, which when grouped with the cups’ noise isolated design, makes for some remarkable achievements. Each and every audio cue from whatever media you’re enjoying, comes through crisp and comes through loud. The only niggling complaint that I have is that the headset can take a minute to warm up, so to speak.

The instructions state that you should adjust the volume slowly towards maximum capacity, and I can only assume that this is to alleviate the issue with warm up. I went straight to full whack, and witnessed that the feedback tends to gradually increase for a small while until it propagates its maximum output. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but I would caution against judging its initial volume output. Whatever the case, once things are in full swing, the FUSION sports a care and quality in feedback that’s quite literally unwavering.

Footsteps in online Call of Duty were as predominant and as refined as ever, giving me excellent ranges of precision to seek out exactly where my enemies were positioned. Hell Knights in DOOM were as loud, as ferocious, and as terrifying as ever before. The award winning soundtracks of Final Fantasy X came through on waves that truly put me in the proverbial zone. FUSION isn’t just another headset that sits alongside the countless headsets readily available for a similar cost, it’s a headset that’s clearly built with care and attention.

I witnessed audio cues that I’ve never witnessed before whilst playing games that I’ve played countless times beforehand. I’ll not bore you with the specs because in truth, I don’t fully understand them. I’ve always judged through firsthand use rather than what’s written on paper. My judgement here, if not already clear, is that FUSION is absolutely worth its price, and then some. The headset is must have. Not only does it put you in the game with deeper bass and crisp highs, but its microphone is brilliant too.

Thanks to how flexible the goose-neck mic is, you’re free to bend it and shape it however you see fit. Regardless, however, your voice carries through with precision and quality. The headset’s mic monitoring allows you to hear yourself too, meaning that you’ll rarely feel the need to shout or speak loudly to either those in your game/party, or, those in your household. There’s no static, nor anything of the sort present here. The mic feedback is every bit as refined as the rest of the kit, further solidifying its frankly impressive build.

Like I said, I’ve tested FUSION across a wide range of medias, and despite the small drawback regarding warm up, I can only state my satisfaction. It didn’t matter what I was using the headset for, the feedback and mic output was almost always sensational to utilize. If you’re in the market for a cheaper option, but wish to retain as much quality and as much durability as you can, FUSION should most certainly be on your radar. As alluded to above, it’s well up there with the best in its price bracket, and an easy one to recommend.


Despite a minor issue with warm up, PowerA’s FUSION Gaming Headset is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable headset that doesn’t skimp in regards to quality and durability. Everything from its easy-of-access design and its cozy framework, right the way through to its incredible audio feedback and its stellar mic output, is simply remarkable, especially for its cost. Collectively, this makes FUSION too easy to recommend. Invest!

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  • Stellar audio quality throughout.
  • Great mic feedback.
  • Slick, well presented design.
  • Durable throughout prolonged sessions.
  • Takes a little warming up.
Usability - 7
Design - 8
Durability - 8
Value for Price - 9
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  1. How do you activate the mic monitoring on this?


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