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Developed by Echtra Inc. and published by Perfect World Entertainment, Torchlight III is the next ARPG in the Torchlight series and brings you more of what you loved about the original two games. The areas are very artistically designed and each of the characters are detailed nicely. The pets are back too and now you can even create a little fort of your own. Plus, there are lots of enemies to battle and loot to be had.

The story is set 100 years after the events of Torchlight 2; The Empire is falling and Novastraia is in danger from the Netherim. It’s time for brave adventurers to step up defend the world from this evil threat. Twice before heroes have stood in the way whilst the corrupted ember below Torchlight almost spelt the end for everyone. Can the world be saved again?

The gameplay is everything you would expect from the ARPG genre. After the intro where you select your character you are thrust right into the action of a goblin assault. Although the game has just started there are many enemies to take down already and even a boss to contend with, although not a very challenging one at the start. But they start as they mean to carry on.  With lots of quests, enemies, bosses, dungeons and loot the gameplay is almost non-stop. With the feature from the previous game still intact where you can send your pet to town to sell unwanted loot, you don’t even have to take breaks to offload. The only time you will want to take a break is to level up skills and claim quest or fame rewards.

You have the choice of 4 characters; Dusk Mage, SharpShooter, Railmaster or Forged. While the first two are self explanatory, to be clear a Railmaster is a strong melee-like character, and Forged is a mechanical being who can use both melee and ranged weapons. Each character can be customised to adjust the look, gender, and more to suit your fancy. After you selected your character you then have a choice of 5 relics based off of the main elements (fire, ice, shock etc) which each provide you with a selection of abilities you can unlock. This allows you to play with a few hybrid character types to find the right kind of character you want to be.

There are 3 large maps each with many different areas to explore. Each area has plenty of enemies, destructible objects, interactive objects and mini-dungeons to explore in which to find loot, gain experience and level up. You see the various themes in the areas and the different enemy types to match that theme. Goblins in the forest areas, skeletons in the graveyard areas, rats in the dungeon areas and spiders in the caves. They are all drawn well and are unique enough, but you give that little consideration as your wailing through hordes of them on the screen at any one time.

Your personal fort is a newly added feature which allows you to customise your own bit of space to add in decorations or useful workbenches and altars to interact with. On the workbench, you can reskill your characters skill points for a fee. With the altars, you donate unwanted equipment for permanent stat boosts. Other altars require specific material to upgrade which can be found on all the different areas. But it’s a nice touch to customise your area and come back here for a breather from the constant massacring. Online friends can also visit your fort as well so you can show off your designs.

I would advise playing this with friends too as although I am quite keen on this genre and I have played the previous Torchlight games I found myself tiring easily of constant wave after wave of enemies. It’s not something I could sit for hours playing as I burn out quite easily. But playing with friends is a much more interesting way to play as most games are, as sharing the experience and loot is a way more enjoyable way to play.


Torchlight III has come a long way from the original game. The graphics stay true to the series but look a lot more refined.  The options for characters have been compacted, but the introduction of relics allows you to mix and match for variety without suffering from choice overload. It stands shoulder to shoulder with games like Diablo as a fair alternative, but I feel playing with friends is a must as you may lose interest just playing solo

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  • The graphical design is wonderful
  • The variety of weapons, enemies and areas is great
  • Playing with friends is a blast
  • Playing solo is nowhere near as fun
  • The story could do with more work
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Longevity - 6.5
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