The Alto Collection Review

The Alto Collection is a comprised of two games; Alto’s Adventure was the original game released in 2015. Alto is a farmer who has lost his llamas and has to snowboard after them to catch them. There is only one button: jump. You can either hold jump to back flip or a simple jump to go over an obstacle. Alto’s Odyssey, released in 2018, is a similar concept but instead you sandboard across a desert.

And so begins an endless runner adventure. Other than capturing llamas you have to jump over chasms, avoid rocks, grind on bunting and perform the odd trick like front flips and back flips. The game ends should you take a tumble or fail to land a jump.  Then you go again wanting to beat your score or furthest distance.

There are goals you have to complete to unlock more characters, each with unique abilities. It can take a little too long to do so though, and at times feels like a bit of a chore. You can also pick up coins along your journey to buy items, such as a wing-suit that helps you glide a long distance or a helmet that protects you from a crash. All these abilities will help travel longer so don’t be too down-hearted if you start crashing early. Like the characters though, it can take a little too long to unlock new items.

As you progress you will come across an NPC that will chase after you to try and knock you off your board (Elders in Alto’s Adventure and Lemurs in Alto’s Odyssey). To get away from them you will have to do tricks to try and speed up. This can take the form of flips, bouncing on rocks, grinds, etc. Once you jump over a chasm they will stop chasing you. They will keep appearing the further you go and each time they appear they will be chasing you faster than before.

Where the game shines is how graphically amazing it is. It does a great job of creating a sense of being within a larger world. It has beautiful weather effects that happens randomly throughout and the passing of time is reflected through a day and night cycle. I found it very impressive how a change in weather or time of day makes gameplay different. The audio also sets the mood perfect in both games and is great to listen too as you travel in your endless journey.

There is also the fun Zen mode that has been brought in. No score, no game over, no distractions – just you and the endless snow/desert. This is fun if you want to take in the game without any stress. My 3 year old enjoyed playing this mode as when he crashed he just could get back up again, though I do think he preferred crashing than trying to succeed!


The Alto Collection is two games in one and is visually beautiful and simple. Yes, they’re old games that are pretty much built for phones and you only really need one button to play, but it was a joy to try and beat your high score. I played Adventure loads when it first came out on Windows and can’t wait to sink more hours trying to beat my score in Odyssey.

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  • Beautiful visuals that provide a great atmosphere
  • Lovely soundtrack
  • Relaxing gameplay flow, yet still offers plenty of incentive to replay and better yourself
  • Built for phones, it's a pretty basic affair
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 7
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