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Teardown, published and developed by Tuxedo Labs, stands tall in the expansive realm of indie gaming, captivating the imaginations of both my son and I. This pixel heist game, with seamless destruction, strategy, and open-world sandbox elements, not only provides a thrilling experience but also sets a new standard in the genre.

An example of a somewhat successful mission run, though there’s plenty of scope for other solutions

Teardown‘s premise is elegantly simple; players assume the role of a skilled demolition expert tasked with navigating through a variety of heists. After being nearly broke and having to take any job they can, they start on a rollercoaster of destruction and theft. Each heist gradually increases in complexity and difficulty but are still very enjoyable. Players are consistently challenged to employ their wits and creativity to navigate through tasks, ranging from demolishing entire houses to make a nice clean path to targets, to executing precision thefts making sure you remember the path to each one.

What truly sets Teardown apart is its ground-breaking physics engine that, using voxels, grants players the power to dismantle and destroy every structure and object in the game. This results in a dynamic and unpredictable environment where each action has a set of realistic consequences.

Graphically, Teardown may not boast the hyper-realistic visuals of some AAA titles, but its aesthetic is both charming and purposeful. The destruction physics are impressive with debris realistically flying through the air and structures collapsing dynamically. The attention to detail is apparent in how every piece of the environment reacts with realism, providing an immersive experience even if everything always gets set on fire way too many times. (impossible to set too many things on fire – ed)

With the game’s mechanics players can approach heists with a blend of creativity and strategy, turning each mission into a unique and engaging puzzle. Whether you’re wielding a sledgehammer to carve a path through a building or navigating the environment with vehicles to get from A to B that bit quicker, the game consistently offers choices to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. You keep unlocking a variety of different items as you progress, making your demolition equipment more and more powerful meaning you can go back to some earlier missions and tackle them again, with better equipment maybe making it easier to get the optional tasks completed.

Teardown‘s sound design contributes significantly to the overall experience. The rumble of collapsing structures, the shattering of glass, and the satisfying thud of a well-placed explosive create an environment that enhances the tension and excitement of each heist, especially when the timer starts.

Teardown is one of those games I’d watched from afar, admiring the sheer chaos as places like Digital Foundry showed it off on their beefy PC’s. To have it on my Xbox is something I didn’t much expect, and thankfully as well as being a tech showcase, it’s actually a really fun game too. The use of the destructible environments is more than for flair, letting us blaze pathways through buildings, create new shortcuts or ramps, and pretty much solve the objectives in (almost) any way we see fit.

Naturally I’m especially fond of the fire propagation, but I’ve reset and retried a few areas to see other ways of achieving the goals, and it hasn’t gotten old yet! Some of the challenges – especially the optional ones – can be real tough, and Teardown scratches that itch of ‘one more go’ to try and get a full completion on a level.

Overall, I’ve been having a blast with this so far these past few weeks, and it’ll be a solid go to game for some time yet!

Jamie – EIC

A standout feature of Teardown is its carefully crafted level design. Each mission feels like a playground for destruction, encouraging experimentation and strategic thinking. Quick save helps if you want to test something out; if it goes dreadfully you can reload and start again where you saved to try something different. Most missions give you a main objective as well as several optional ones. The map is clear and helps you a lot, but be careful as if you set off a timer you are unable to pause and time will keep ticking down whilst you look at the map.

No, no; I don’t think I will

The variety of tools and gadgets at the player’s disposal ensures that no two heists play out the same way, adding to the game’s replayability and depth. While the timed missions inject an element of urgency, the game does allow players to adjust the time in the option menu, providing a welcome relief valve and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The mods that have been added to the game are brilliant and you can see that the community have done wonders. New items include the jetpack to travel faster and the overpowered double rocket launchers, and new game modes include car racing or car parkour.

The DLC Time Campers lets you travel back in time to cause carnage and gives you a new wild west map, added tools and missions. It’s great to see that they are invested in the game and adding more content.

Even the home base area isn’t safe from utter destruction – in fact, it’s a great place to test out new gear with unlimited ammo from the bunker nearby

My son’s infectious enthusiasm for Teardown is a testament to the game’s success in providing a genuinely memorable gaming experience. What resonates most with him is the freedom the game offers to approach challenges. The open-world environment allows for multiple solutions to each puzzle, fostering creativity and experimentation. The seemingly simplistic graphics, which might be dismissed as basic at first glance, contribute significantly to the immersive and engaging atmosphere, capturing the attention of players of all ages. I do wish they could find a way to add multiplayer so I could play and destroy with him for an added bonus.


Teardown isn’t just a game – it’s an indie gaming masterpiece and probably the best indie game I have played this year (and trust me, I play a lot of them!). Tuxedo Labs has meticulously crafted an experience that not only delivers a thrilling main campaign but also encourages creativity through its sandbox. If you’re seeking a game that seamlessly combines strategic thinking, destruction, and endless possibilities, Teardown is undoubtedly a must-play. The joy experienced by my son and I stands as a resounding testament to the game’s success in providing an unforgettable and expansive gaming journey.

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  • Brilliant gameplay mechanics
  • Blowing everything up
  • Expansions through mods and DLC
  • No Multiplayer
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