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I’ve been a fan of Rougelites/Rougelikes ever since I’ve played Dead Cells. The idea of picking up powers to push ahead in your quest to complete a dungeon appeals to me, yet in the same breath makes be anxious when I’m not doing well in a run. 

ScourgeBringer does a fantastic job making me feel like warrior as I clear room after room. But like all great stories there’s a boss battle to slap me in the face and bring me back to reality. I am just a puny human. 

Movement in ScourgeBringer is very good. The dash attack, when chained with jumps and double jumps, lets you traverse rooms with lightning speed, all the while smashing enemies back from where they came. Add the gun into the mix and your hands will certainly be kept busy!

ScourgeBringer‘s art style recalls the 8-bit era, though it is a colourful title, reminding me of Dead Cells and other ‘cyberpunk’ themed rogulites. The audio meanwhile uses some great heavy metal riffs to let you know that we’re in for quite the battle, especially when it comes to the bosses!

I have a confession though; I couldn’t defeat the boss and my frustration at my lack of skill made me turn this off many times. Don’t let that statement put you off this game though, just be aware that it’ll put you to the test!


Roguelite lovers will enjoy ScourgeBringer I feel. If you have played Dead Cells you can look forward to some similar action and beats, while also offering just as much of a challenge. It’s a good example of the genre and well worth a look, especially as it’s included in Gamepass!

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  • Skill tree offers good incentive to play
  • The feel of the movement is great
  • It's a good challenge
  • Health replenishment is like gold dust
  • Shooting feels a little out of sync
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Longevity - 8
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