Hades Review

A wide variety of complex systems and unlockable customizations try their best to battle back the repetition in this visually stunning action-RPG Roguelike. It's definitely worth a look on Game Pass a...

8.9 Great

Curse of the Dead Gods Review

Challenge the temple gods and claim the ultimate reward in this beautifully brutal, combat-focused rogue-lite.

9.1 Excellent

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Review

Is all customisations where the real fun lies. Or is the fun all Synthetic?

6.1 Okay

ScourgeBringer Review

How will this latest Roguelite title far among in a crowded genre?

7.5 Good

Rogue Cube Review

Will you battle your way to the end or just go rogue?

4.1 Poor

Neon Abyss Review

Can this stylish entry into the rogue-like genre win a top spot amongst its peers?

9 Excellent

West of Dead Review

A rogue-like set in purgatory sounds like a thematic match, but will West of Dead make the afterlife worth fighting for?

7.3 Good

Atomicrops Review

Who'd have thought mixing farming with bullet hell goodness would work out this well, huh?

8.6 Great

Fury Unleashed Review

Does this titles eye catching comic styling come paired with some fun gameplay?

8.2 Great
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