Sades Cpower Gaming Headset

Manufacturer : Sades
Where to Buy: Amazon

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely rings true here. The Cpower is far from a bad set of headphones, but for a few more quid we can plump for something like the Sades Snowwolf set I was able to review a while back that offers that bit extra in terms of sound quality and comfort.

Despite it’s hard, plastic-y apearance, the Cpower still manages to be quite comfortable for shorter sessions. The ear cushions are nice and soft, and it has quite the range on the headband, though the lack of padding around this is noticeable and not exactly the best feeling during use. I’m lucky that I have quite a head of hair, but even I couldn’t quite jive with its feel on the top of my head.

I’m also not a big fan of the rigid boom mic that is permanently attached to the set. It picks up sound well enough, and it has a pleasing click when raising or lowering it so we know when it’s turned off but it sticks out far too far away from the mouth. I felt like I really had to raise my voice that bit more to be heard, even though in reality that wasn’t the case. I’ve been spoilt by years of higher end sets having adjustable (and removable) ones perhaps.

The set connect via the 3.5mm jack in the controller, so the mix of volume and chat is controlled via the Xbox guide as is standard. It does also feature a volume rocker of one ear to control the overall volume, going up to a decent volume. The sound quality itself is good enough, my tests on titles such as Rocket League, RE3 and Fortnite yielding clear sounding audio that was still possible to distinguish between different elements, such as effects and music. The is a lack of punchy bass perhaps, with some explosions lacking impact and coming across a little bit flat. Again, it’s not going to match some higher end sets of course, but if you just want a cheap set of cans while playing and chatting with friends online these will fit the bill nicely. The use of the 3.5mm jack allows them to be plugged in practically everywhere too, further extending the value for money.


If you’re after a cheap set of headphones, the Cpower set from Sades does a passable job for the price. It’s not the prettiest, or most comfy for long term play, but then it’s clearly aimed at those who just want something that works. There are better sets though that don’t cost all that much more, so I’d suggest having a little look around before settling on these.

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  • Sound quality is passable
  • Comfy on the ears and head
  • Mic picks up voice well
  • Not going to stand up to it's pricier peers
  • The solid, unbendable mic feels a little off
Usability - 7
Design - 6
Durability - 7
Value for Money - 7
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