SADES Snowwolf Headset Review

Manufacturer: SADES
Where To Buy: Amazon
RRP: £31.97

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to review a few sets of headphones now. While they’ve all been excellent, the Snowwolf from SADES has crept up as one of my favourites – despite costing a fraction of the price. The low entry point and more modest appearance belies the solid build and audio quality and really, if you’re after a new set and are not too fussed about some of the bells and whistles other sets have, these will more than fit the bill.

The first thing that struck me when putting them on is just how comfortable they are. The ear cups are nice and soft, with enough room so not to feel as though the ears are being caged in, while the headband has a nice, soft lining. It extends more than enough to fit over even my big head, and long play sessions were incredibly comfortable throughout.

The left ear cup features a volume rocker and a mute switch for the mic, which also plugs in just next to the wire exiting the set. The mic itself has some flex, but it doesn’t quite hold it’s position as well as other sets I’ve used. Putting it in close proximity to the mouth saw it slowly retract back outwards to a resting point about an inch away. Despite this, it picks up voice audio well, coming across clearly even when speaking in lower tones.

Comfortable then, but how does it sound? Simply put, brilliant. While it may be lacking some of the bigger, fancier drivers or tech that high end sets use, the audio comes across clearly no matter the situation. The volume rocker allows it to go rather loud, yet it’s still possible to distinguish fine details such as footsteps or chatter in amongst the action. Not once did I hear any crackling or popping as it struggled to process the audio. Plugged in via the controllers 3.5mm jack, you can use the Xbox guide to adjust the chat/game balance as standard, though it’d have been nice to have an extra rocker on the headset to manage this as well. But when most higher priced sets don’t even include a volume rocker, it’s hard to really gripe here. This also means we’re limited to Stereo sound – no 5.1 or above – but whether paired with the excellent Dolby Atmos or not you’d be hard pressed to find much to complain about.

The Snowwolf does a decent job of cancelling out external noise too, it’s ear cups not only soft but encompassing the ears fully. That is, unless you put on the included fleece covers. Sound quality naturally takes a dip as does the noise cancelling as they now sit on – rather than over – your ears. But boy, are they warm and cozy! Great for these colder months if you want to take them out and about, it’s another neat touch that goes above and beyond a typical budget headset.

Perhaps the only real slight on the set is the wires protruding from each ear. It’s not like they get in the way, but there’s something about a fragile wire sticking out as it does on the Snowwolf that makes me nervous about catching them on something and rendering them unusable. It also looks a little unsightly, but really, that’s more of a nit picky thing than anything.


Considering the price, the Snowwolf headset might just be one of the best sets on the market. Extremely comfortable with great sound and noise cancelling – and those cosy ear muff add-ons – you’d be hard pressed to get much better without spending an extortionate amount. A slight blip on the appearance and a lack of voice volume control aside, there’s really not much to say about the set that isn’t positive. Absolutely brilliant. and well worth a look.

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  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Volume rocker on headset
  • Good looking design...
  • ...outside of a few protruding wires
  • Mic isn't as flexible as we'd like
  • No voice rocker available
Usability - 9
Design - 9.5
Durability - 9
Value for Money - 10
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