Victrix Pro AF Headset Review

Manufacturer: Victrix
Where To Buy: Victrix
RRP: $179.99

I’ve used a fair few headphones in my time, though dont think I’ve ever had some that were designed for pro players. The Victrix Pro AF, while a little pricey, is an excellent set that certainly seems to live up to expectations.

The sound quality is tremendous, with a great range enabling you to really pinpoint those enemy footsteps or far off gunfire. Obviously multiplayer is where these are designed to stand out, and after playing more than a few rounds of online titles, such as Fortnite and Rainbow 6 Seige, I really do feel like they gave me a slight leg up over my existing day to day set. I was able to hear the tell tale thwack of a pick axe in amongst my frantic hunting for loot, letting me set my well laid trap that I totally didn’t fudge due to my elite skills…

I also found the larger, more explosive effects came through clearly, not distorting and crackling when things got too loud. And boy, does it go loud. The ear cups do a great job of keeping the game sound in and the outside world out. I spent a little while listening to some Slipknot whilst playing Rocket League and even when the mix was skewed towards the music, I could still clearly make out the low rumbling of my vehicles engine and boost.

There’s a detachable mic, as you may expect, that picks up voice with superb clarity – my online partner noted that I sounded much clearer than usual. It has enough flex to be positioned and remain in place with ease. A small mute button on the top of the left cup toggles it on and off. I would’ve liked some sort of of audible noise to let me know whether it was being muted or not at a press, but the physical button remains slightly depressed when on at least.

I really like the design of the unit also. The black and purple colour scheme works really well, with it not coming across gaudy or over the top. The purple 3.5mm cable is nice and thick, removing some worry that it’ll snap or twist easily. Those big ear cups are super soft and comfortable, with even longer sessions remaining so. One of the touted features is the ability to let some air in; a little toggle on the back of each ear opens a small vent should you find things are getting heated. While I’m sure in a heated eSports arena this might come in handy, in my humble abode I found myself only using it to test it out. The sound quality degradation due to letting more of it escape is too much to consider using it unless you really have to.

I also found one small issue at times when adjusting the volume with the built in volume control. When turning the volume down occasionally the audio would drop lower from the right ear. A quick adjustment back up then down sorted it and it didnt happen frequently, but still a little disappointing from a premium set. I’d also have liked to see a way to control the game and hay volume separately on the set itself, rather than having to rely on the Xbox guide. There are mix amps available to buy separately for this though.


But really, these are minor niggles in an otherwise excellent pair of headphones. They are comfortable, light, have great sound quality and range and an excellent mic. While not cheap, I feel you more than get your money’s worth here, with a truly premium feel to them.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by the publisher.
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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Premium feel and looks
  • Great mic
  • Comfortable even on long sessions
  • Occasional issue with volume control
  • No way to separate chat and game volume without additional purchase
Usability - 9
Design - 9.5
Durability - 9.5
Value for Money - 9
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