Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Review

Sometimes a game will come along that almost blindsides you with he disconnect between title and gameplay. When I saw Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure and began watching the trailer I imagined a retro style platformer or RPG perhaps. Little did I know that what we’d get would be a arcade bubble-burster in the vein of Bust-a-Move. Not that I’m disappointed.

If you’ve played one bubble-burster title, you’ve pretty much played them all; aim from a central point at the bottom of the screen, fire a randomly assigned colour bubble up to the block of random coloured bubbles at the top of the screen and try to match three in a row, at which point they burst. Clear all bubbles and we move on to the next stage. Simple stuff. Yet also still just as fun as I remember, bringing back fond memories of Bust-a-Move 2 on the Saturn with fellow Tavernite Graham.

There are a few special bubbles to watch for, such as one that explodes those around it regardless of colour, or one that wipes out all matching bubbles on the board, but otherwise it’s all about our accuracy and aim. Starting off we are granted a handy guide to help, but successfully clear a few stages and this is removed making things that bit harder. When a life is lost this comes back for a couple of rounds though, which is nice.

Every so often there is a boss battle to contend with. These task us with popping a trio of certain colours in order to fill up 3 bubbles before the gameplay screen fills up and crosses the bottom line. Every three shots the boss adds a tonne of extra bubbles to the field, ruining any potential plan I may have had. I feel these are a bit too unfair though as the amount of bubbles added, and in such a random way, makes it hard to truly defend against.

There is a tale to back this tried and true gameplay up, with Rusty Spout looking to defeat the evil in his land. It’s charming enough and doesn’t over stay it’s welcome, though it’s also just as easy to ignore and get back to the popping.

The main mode follows this story, with us only having a few continues to get to the end – arcade style. Outside of this there are challenge, endless, and local multiplayer modes to play too, though some need unlocking before being played.


There’s really not much to say beyond this though. If you like this style of game then Rusty Spout will fill that need well. The audio got old pretty quickly, but can be turned off; otherwise, it’s a solid little arcade title that brings a classic game along with a quirky tale to modern players.

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  • Nice retro style visuals
  • Core gameplay is solid
  • A good selection of modes
  • Boss battles are tough
  • Need to unlock some modes first
  • Audio is very repetitive
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 5
Longevity - 7.5
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