Bones of Halloween Review

Developed by Petite Games and published by Ratalaika Games S.L, Bones of Halloween is a very basic first-person shooter with – you guessed it – a Halloween theme. So lock and load and prepare to take on waves of enemies in a bid to survive.

You are alone in a forest at night with only a pistol and soon you notice some odd skeleton figures with pumpkins for their heads coming at you to kill you. How long can you survive this onslaught of enemies?

The gameplay is very simple albeit a tad clunky. There is only one map, a spooky forest with a castle and other objects in it. It’s not the largest of areas but big enough to be evasive when you need to. You can only shoot from the hip as there is no fine aiming here. The turning sensitivity feels very slow and you will need to take advantage of turning that up in the settings.

Bones of Halloween looks OK graphically – don’t get me wrong, it’s not amazing but it doesn’t look cheap or aged either. Unfortunately, the enemies only come in one format and that is pumpkin-headed skeletons. However, they do have different attacks.  You have ones with swords, ones with bows, ones with laser eyes, ones with an electric attack and ones that are walking explosives.

                Every enemy you kill drops coins which you have to run over to collect. The money can be used to buy guns that are sporadically placed around the forest. But they are a bit of a mystery as you don’t know what they are. Some are machine guns, some are rocket launchers and some are rifles, I think… You can only hold so many guns at once so you have to choose wisely. There is a bit of a glitch in that when you press the button to throw away the gun it doesn’t seem to leave your inventory. Not only that, if you accidentally throw away a gun that has ammo left then you can’t get it back which is a shame.

                There is also a small game of chance every time you kill about 8 enemies. Five cards pop up and you have to select one, upon which you might get a good or bad perk. A good perk could be more coins for every fallen enemy and the guns do more damage. A bad perk could be the enemies could move quicker or become smaller targets.

                That’s about it for the complexity of BoH and the only other variations are the 5 different survival game modes. They all take part on the same map with the same enemies but with slightly different conditions. For example, one has you gain more money from enemies but you slowly lose money over time. Another variation is that you start with a rocket launcher and all the enemies are walking explosives so it’s all about surviving as long as you can in different ways.

                Aside from the survival modes, there are challenges and they range from the extremely simple to the slightly tricky. But they do make for easy achievements as some just involve killing a few enemies or getting more money to buy one gun.


Bones of Halloween is a game of timing from the Ratalaika factory to cash in on Halloween. It doesn’t look so terrible but it is overly simple with very little variation. The gun inventory layout is a little broken and the look sensitivity is overly slow. With a little more care and a little more variation, this game could have been a fun Halloween pick-me-up. But instead, it will grow old very quickly and just be a game for achievement hunters.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox Series X/S. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Graphics look ok
  • The weapons are interesting
  • Look sensitivity is too slow
  • Not enough enemy variation
  • Gun management is a bit broken
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