Red Bow Review

Indie horror games have taken off in the past few years and this is awesome news. But with this comes a slide in quality and immersion within some titles. Some look great and manage a FPS style horror game that can make you jump out of your socks. Others unfortunately, while having some amazing ideas and concepts, seem to lack a key element of horror i.e being scary.

Our title here comes from Stranga Games. Red Bow; a top down, pixelated view of a Japanese themed story line where-in you play as the character Roh, trying to wake from a horrific nightmare while you search the plains of death. You encounter many scenarios each seeming to have a different reality or theme. The characters you meet seem different and based on Japanese tradition. As you progress through the story you need to find clues and secrets by clicking around the screen which can unfortunately become slow and frustrating when finding certain items.

Red Bow touches on many pressing issues like suicide and loyalty towards others, making you decide what course of action you want to take. You can choose multiple paths along your journey, depending on your choices will guide your path in new ways to use your items and find different ways to complete each scenario. 

Achievements are an easy one here with many being obtained by simple clicking around the area, nothing to challenging. The story will take you an hour or two to complete with some achievements saved for multiple playthroughs. Other than this, the gameplay and story are pretty basic and common knowledge is all that is needed.


Red Bow makes some good points but unfortunately lacks in the horror side of things. With some easy achievements to go for, the hunters out there will no doubt get more out of it, but others may not find as much worth in a playthrough.

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  • Multiple paths
  • Easy Achievements
  • Slow gameplay
  • Lacks Excitement
Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 3.5
Audio - 4
Longevity - 2
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