Random Heroes: Gold Edition Review

Random Heroes: Gold Edition is the latest offering from Ratalaika’s stream of releases. A hostile alien invasion has come, and it’s up to a collection of random heroes to quell the invasion in this action platformer.

The story is quite straight to the point; You are brought in for a briefing where it is confirmed Earth is being invaded. The solution is to send a bunch of random heroes to take care of the alien threat. The scientists are working on a portal back to the alien homeworld and that is all you get. Straight into the fold with your first random hero.

The graphics follow what appears to be a common theme among Ratalaika published games, typical 8-bit cartoon style with only a few different backdrops. The character designs are OK but nothing special and although there is a variety of enemies, they are all quite simply drawn. The audio is a scratchy looped track and with decent enough shooting sound effects.

The game itself plays like a platforming training exercise. There are some basic jumping areas, which it is better to use the D-pad for as things get a bit slippery with the analog stick. The enemies are quite basic in their attack patterns and only a few of the enemies react upon seeing you. You start the game with a basic 9mm handgun which is weak, and the aliens take a lot of zapping before they perish and explode into coins. These coins are valuable to collect as you use the money to purchase better guns.

Each level is relatively short and gives you the chance of gaining 3 stars. There are 108 levels across 9 different chapters such as the sewer or the cemetery. You gain all 3 stars per level by hitting each objective which are finishing the level without being hit, collecting all the coins and eliminating all the enemies. At the end of each chapter is a boss level which seems to vary in difficulty, though most don’t seem too hard to tackle. The more stars you collect, the more random heroes become available for selection. Each of the random heroes has their own set of stats to boost either your health, damage or speed. The choice of characters is quite large and fun from starting as a bandit you can also be a Viking, a mime, a hobo or a dino just to name a few, with 28 altogether.


Random Heroes: Gold Edition is a simple platform shooter with an easy to medium difficulty. It is very easy to pick up and play with simple controls and a basic storyline. There is a nice variety of characters to play as and guns to use, but this game can be completed quite quickly and some of the levels don’t differ too much from each other. The achievements, however, can be collected quite easy for any hunters out there.

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  • Easy to play
  • Good character and weapon variety
  • Good for achievement hunters
  • The game is short
  • The levels can become repetitive
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 5
Audio - 4.5
Longevity - 4.5
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