Project Starship Review

Project Starship is an arcade bullet hell space shooter. You get a chance to play with two different characters, Garret and Gwen, and choose between easy and hard. You have to dodge the random waves of enemies and their bullets whilst trying to shoot them down. To be honest, I really have no idea what the storyline is or even if there is one. It is just your classic space shooter – kill the aliens and save the galaxy.

You start with five shields to protect you from enemy attacks and can pick more up along your way. To help avoid the crazy amount of bullets coming your way, you are able to slow down your ship and everything around you – this helps massively when things get messy. You can also collect power-ups that improve your ship and the number of bullets you can fire. Some power-ups seem more useful than others, so you might find the game easier or harder depending on what you get. Once you get your ship upgraded to a certain point you will find it impossible to die, as if you keep firing enemies will die before they even enter the screen.

The main draw to this crazy game is that every time you play it will always be different – you will face random enemies and power-ups each time. So whilst there’s definitely a learning curve, the enemy fire patterns are predictable and easy to work out, so once you’ve gotten to know them you won’t have any trouble.

You will occasionally come across various different styles of mini boss, like a giant eye that shoots bones at you. All the mini bosses are the same, in the sense that you have to avoid the onslaught of bullets whilst shooting it (much like every other enemy).

Once you defeat the mini boss and move through the level, you will face a random big boss. These battles are about shooting down his health 3 times, with the boss bringing in a new mechanic after each phase. Some bosses are a lot easier than others, but again aren’t too challenging once you get used to their pattern.

You will also come across a mini game mode called “Mad Events”. These are announced in huge letters before the game shifts to a mode all about dodging. Instead of an enemy firing projectiles, the projectiles just appear and move in a set pattern. No shooting is needed, but you find yourself shooting anyway out of impulse and habit. Your goal is purely to survive being bombarded and the mode end automatically after about 15 seconds. They can be pretty unforgiving and I found myself always losing a few shields in this wave.

Graphically, its nothing special. It’s got classic late 80s retro vibes and simple pixelated graphics. The audio matches with a classic 8-bit style. When you collect an item or power-up a voice states what the item is, but it sounds likes it’s been recorded in someone’s bedroom and is barely understandable. I found myself getting bored very quickly. For achievement hunters it’s another easy 1000g – I managed to unlock all the achievements twice within roughly an hour of playing.


Project Starship was fun the first couple times but got boring very quickly. If you’re looking for a game that you can install quickly and 1000g then this is one for you, but I can’t imagine it’s going to capture the attention of anyone for long. Dodging bullets is fun, but you will just find yourself constantly shooting and hoping.

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  • Easy 1000g
  • Classic space shooter action
  • Doesn't hold attention for long
  • Far too random at times
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 4
Audio - 4
Longevity - 2
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